Netanyahu Confirms Full US Support for Ground Operation in Gaza, Vows to Disrupt Hamas


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Israeli Prime MInister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that the country received full US support for a ground operation in the Gaza Strip and that US support remains firm against Hamas.

He said he has complete US support for Israel’s ongoing ground offensive in Gaza against Hamas, and at the same time, the two countries remained resolute against growing international calls for a cease-fire to halt the Israel-Hamas war.

Netanyahu expressed his gratitude for the United States’ backing in dismantling Hamas and securing the release of hostages. Through extensive discussions with President Joe Biden and his team, Netanyahu confirmed that they received complete support for a ground operation in the Gaza Strip and the management of global pressures to bring an end to the war. While there are disagreements regarding the future after Hamas, Netanyahu remains hopeful for a resolution.

He stated: “I need to clarify my stance – I will not permit Israel to commit the same error as Oslo. I will not permit, after the substantial sacrifices made by our people and troops, those in the Gaza Strip who endorse terrorism to fund terrorism. Gaza will not become either Hamastan or Fatahastan.”

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