Ashley Biden Confirms Authenticity of Diary Detailing ‘Inappropriate Showers with Joe’


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Ashley Biden recently confirmed the authenticity of her diary in a heartfelt letter to Chief Judge Swain of New York. The diary, which became the center of attention due to its controversial content involving Joe Biden, her father, was the subject of a case against Aimee Harris, who was accused of stealing it.

The Confirmation Letter

In her letter, Ashley made it unequivocally clear that the diary was indeed hers, referring to it as her “personal private journal.” Obtained by The New York Times, the letter shed light on the distress Ashley felt over the theft and subsequent public dissemination of her private thoughts.

Controversial Excerpts

The diary gained widespread attention when excerpts, including mentions of Ashley and her father taking showers together at an inappropriate age, surfaced online. In one entry from January 2019, Ashley wrote about her experiences growing up, mentioning instances of being “boy crazy” and recalling potentially uncomfortable situations involving family members and friends.

Defending the Diary

Amidst the controversy, Ashley defended the content of her diary, expressing deep concern over its misinterpretation and the false accusations that tarnished her character and that of her loved ones. She emphasized that the diary served as a means of personal healing, containing “stream-of-consciousness” musings.

The Impact of the Theft

The theft of her diary not only violated Ashley’s privacy but also caused significant emotional distress, exacerbating the PTSD she had developed following a previous traumatic experience. She highlighted the ongoing harm caused by the theft, as her once-private thoughts were distorted and manipulated, leading to constant anxiety and fear.

Seeking Justice

Ashley urged Chief Judge Swain to sentence the defendant, Aimee Harris, to prison time, emphasizing the need for accountability. She emphasized the importance of sending a message that such violations of privacy and exploitation of others for personal gain would not be tolerated.

A Call for Accountability

In her plea for justice, Ashley expressed concern that a non-incarceratory sentence would only perpetuate a cycle of harm, sending the wrong message to the perpetrator and others like her. She underscored her commitment to speaking up for those who cannot find their voices and urged the court to hold Harris accountable for her actions.


As Ashley continues to grapple with the aftermath of the theft, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice, hoping that her ordeal will serve as a cautionary tale and prevent others from experiencing similar violations of privacy and dignity.

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