White Hats Arrest Suspect Tied to Assassination Attempt on General’s Life


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White Hats have arrested a “suspect” connected to last month’s assassination attempt on General Eric M. Smith’s life, sources told Real Raw News.

However, their reticence on investigatory details seems to suggest the case is still open, and they may be pursuing additional persons of interest. Sources would neither confirm nor deny that assumption.

Here is what we know:

On December 5th, a group of undercover Marines apprehended Ronald Dahl, a 47-year-old former CIA agent, outside a hotel in Rutland, Vermont.Cornered, Dahl attempted to flee by scaling a fence, but lost his balance, fell, and reached for a pistol in an ankle holster, firing one round before being shot in the shooting arm and dropping the weapon. A Marine was wounded in the leg during the brief exchange, but fortunately, the injury was not life-threatening.

While the Marines were nearing Dahl, he attempted suicide using a ballpoint pen that had a hollow needle instead of a regular pen point. However, when he pressed the button, the poison did not inject as expected.

The Marines bandaged Dahl’s arm and took him into custody for interrogation.

“Sorry, not able to share interrogation info at this time,” a source said in response to RRN’s queries.

The individual mentioned that White Hats had initiated an investigation into the attack on General SMith promptly after it occurred and confirmed that they had identified the location where the assailant was positioned when he used a heart attack gun on the general. Although they discovered “evidence,” they declined to provide further details due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Attempts to wheedle concrete facts– Did they find DNA? Did Dahl slip up and leave a clue?– proved futile.

On that matter, our source only mentioned that they will provide more information when they are able to.

In closing, we asked if Gen. Smith plans to confront Dahl personally.

“The general is letting the investigation run its course. I imagine if Gen. Smith and Dahl got in a room together, only one guy would come out alive. And it wouldn’t be Dahl.”

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