US Vetoes UN Resolution Calling for Truce Between Israel and Hamas: China Calls Decision Hypocritical


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The US decision to veto a UN Security Council resolution calling for a truce between Israel and the Palestinian armed group Hamas is hypocritical, Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the organization, has said. The United States was the solitary nation to oppose a resolution put forth by the United Arab Emirates and supported by over 90 other countries. This resolution urged for an urgent ceasefire to address the humanitarian crisis and demanded the immediate and unconditional release of hostages detained by Hamas. Thirteen members of the UN Security Council backed the resolution, while the United Kingdom chose

Robert Wood, the deputy UN ambassador for Washington, justified the veto by stating that the document was disconnected from the truth. He further stated that despite the US’ recommendation, it did not condemn the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7. Wood argued that an unconditional ceasefire would only enable Hamas to carry out another assault in the future.

He expressed his disappointment that the document did not promote a renewal of humanitarian ceasefires, emphasizing that every civilian casualty in Palestine is a devastating loss.

Zhang expressed profound dismay and disapproval over the US’s decision to veto the resolution, calling the reasoning behind it “weak” and “unconvincing.” He pointed out the inconsistency in the US’s stance, highlighting that it is impossible to claim concern for the well-being of Gazans and the humanitarian situation while simultaneously allowing the conflict to persist.

Condoning the continuation of fighting while making every mention of the protection of women and girls and human rights is extremely hypocritical.

Since the start of the conflict, the US has blocked several UN resolutions sponsored by various countries calling for a ceasefire. In mid-November, the UN Security Council adopted a document calling for “humanitarian pauses” in hostilities. It was supported by 12 votes, with Russia, the US, and UK abstaining.

On October 7, Hamas caught Israel off guard with a sudden attack, leading to a month of fierce fighting that resulted in the deaths of over 1,200 Israelis and 17,000 Palestinians. In late November, a temporary ceasefire was brokered by Qatar, with Hamas agreing to release several dozen Israeli hostages in exchange for Israel freeing a large number of Palestinians from prison. However, the fragile peace was short-lived, as both sides began accusing each other of breaking the truce last week, leading to its collapse.

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