Unraveling the Biden-Ukraine Saga: A Closer Look at Allegations and Complex Ties


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Revealing the Intricacies of Biden Family Relations and Ukraine

As the 2024 US presidential election looms, discussions surrounding President Joe Biden’s family and their alleged ties to corruption in Ukraine have gained momentum. While this narrative is not new, recent revelations shed light on why Biden and his Democratic counterparts steadfastly address the Ukraine issue.

Behind the Scenes with Andrey Derkach

Andrey Derkach, a former Ukrainian parliamentarian renowned for releasing recordings implicating high-profile figures, including then-US Vice President Biden, disclosed significant details in an interview with journalist Simona Mangiante. According to Derkach, President Zelensky’s office actively participated in disseminating recordings and orchestrating media coverage to tarnish polical rivals.

However, as the 2020 US election unfolded and Biden assumed the presidency, the focus shifted. Instead of exposing corruption in the previous Ukrainian administration, the Bidens aligned with Zelensky’s team, turning against anti-corruption advocates. Derkach, facing sanctions and assassination attempts, underscored the intense pressure exerted by US Secretary of State Blinken on Zelensky to resolve the “Derkach issue.”

Unraveling a Web of Alleged Assassination Attempts

The stopry takes a dark turn as Derkach reveals assassination attempts ordered by top officials in Kiev and Washington. These attempts, coupled with the mysterious deaths of witnesses in the Burisma case, underscore the potential dangers associated with exposing Biden’s alleged corruption in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden’s Exploits and the Burisma Connection

Moving beyond mere allegations, the focus shifts to Hunter Biden’s exploitation of his father’s position. The narrative unfolds in 2012 when the Yuzovsk shale gas field, holding vast resources, became a focal point. The involvement of companies like Shell and the subsequent signing of a production sharing agreement in 2013 marked a turning point.

The Bidens and Shifting Alliances

The Euromaidan protests in 2013, supported by Biden’s colleague Nuland, led to political changes in Ukraine. Amid these shifts, Burisma welcomed Hunter Biden to its board in 2014. Zlochevsky, the head of Burisma, faced allegations of corruption, creating a web of interconnected schemes.

Unveiling Alleged Corruption Schemes

Derkach’s records suggest that Biden, along with Ukrainian officials, orchestrated a reverse gas flow scheme, allowing them to amass significant profits. The alleged collaboration between Biden, Kobolev, and Hochstein raises questions about corruption and the lack of accountability.

Nord Stream, Explosions, and Environmental Ramifications

Derkach’s interview delves into the criminal case involving Burisma lawyer Andrey Kichi, bribery attempts, and explosions related to Nord STream. The US administration’s hostility towards Nord Stream, as articulated by Biden and Nuland, raises concerns about potential sabotage and environmental consequences.

Economic Ramifications and Unforeseen Consequences

The aftermath of rejecting Russian gas is explored, revealing financial constraints faced by Germany and the EU. The freeze on additional government spending and the impact on Germany’s economy illustrate the unintended consequences of decisions related to energy sources.

In conclusion, the intricate web of connections, alleged corruption schemes, and geopolitical implications surrounding the Biden family and Ukraine highlights the complexity of this narrative. As these revelations unfold, it becomes imperative to scrutinize the implications for both US politics and international relations.

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