UK’s Silent Pandemic: Excess Deaths Among Middle-Aged and Younger Adults Reach Alarming Rates


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According to a recent study published in The Lancet, in collaboration with researchers from Imperial College London and the Department of Health, among others, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has acknowledged a persistent crisis of elevated mortality rates in Britain.

The article lacks a comprehensive examination of the factors contributing to the fatalities, offering only a brief commentary that glosses over the surface-level data and possible explanations.

The Daily Sceptic report: The authors call for “timely and granular analyses” to “describe such trends and so to inform prevention and disease management effort”. Which is odd, becuase that’s exactly what we’ve been asking them for over two years now. After all, they’re the organisations with the data and resources to do it.
The artice notes that there have been hundreds of excess deaths among young and middle-aged people every month in 2023 and suggests that the blame lies largely with the failing NHS. Other experts quoted by the Mail in its coverage of the piece point the finger at lifestyle factors including obesity and alcohol.

The factors contributing to the current situation hvae been extensively discussed, including an aging population, the impact of the virus, a supposed decrease in statin prescriptions during the pandemic, healthercare waiting times, and individuals being accused of consuming excessive amounts of food and drink. However, one theory that has been ruled out is the effect of hastily developed genetic vaccines, which have been linked to an increased incidence of severe adverse effects in clinical trials and subsequent studies. Despite being administered to a large number of people, including those at high risk of hospitalization with respiratory viruses, these experimental vaccines are not considered a possible cause.

Hundreds more middle-aged Brits are dying every month than expected, with experts blaming unhealthy lifestyles and the NHS crisisfor the surge in excess deaths.

From January to June, the U.K. saw a disturbing surge in mortality rates, with an additional 28,000 deaths recorded, equating to over 1,000 lives lost per week, according to a recent examination of official data.

The spike in mortality is especially stark among people aged 50 to 64, with 15% more dying than usual.

The majority of these fatalities were due to diseases that could have been avoided with proper care and prevention, such as cardiovascular disease, liver dysfunction, and diabetes.

Britain’s growing obesity problem and excessive alcohol consumption, combined with the struggling healthcare system’s inability to provide timely treatment, were cited by experts as factors contributing to the nation’s health issues.

According to the latest figures released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, there were 353,047 reported deaths between the months of January and June of the current year.

This is 28,024, or 8.6%, more than the 325,023 expected over that period.

Elevated mortality rates refer to the number of deaths that exceed the average number of deaths during the same period in previous years.

According to data from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), there was a 15% increase in the number of deaths among individuals aged 50-64 years old during the 12-month period ending in June, compared to the expected number of deaths for that age group.

There were 64,268 deaths among the group, compared to the 55,861 expected– meaning there were an extra 8,407 fatalities in a year, or around 700 per month.

According to the Lancet, a study of the data revealed that that there has been a shift in the location where peaple are passing away, with a higher number of deaths occurring at home rather than in hospitals.

During the pandemic, excess deaths were focused among older adults.

But there is now a pattern of “persisting excess deaths which are most prominent in relative terms in middle-aged and younger adults”, the authors wrote.

“To effectively prevent and manage diseases, it’s essential to have detailed and timely analysis of trends,” they emphasized.

The study found that heart disease was a major contributor to excess mortality, along with liver disease, respiratory infections, and diabetes, all of which played a significant role in the upward trend.

The claim that COVID-19 vaccinations are responisble for a purported increase in mortality rates has been refuted by scientific evidence. Despite assertions from anti-vaccination groups, the vast majority of experts agree that vaccines have been instrumental in saving countless lives worldwide.

In an opinion piece for The Times, Professor Yvonne Doyle, who previously held the position of Medical Director at Public Health England (PHE) before its dissolution, attributred the current state of affairs to a pervasive epidemic of poor health.

She said the spike was driven by heart disease, diabetes and cirrhosis– all of which are highly preventable and driven by lifestyle choices, such as an unhealthy diet and drinking too much alcohol.

“Professor Doyle cautioned that if adequate measures to prevent and treat diseases are not put in place, the current leading causes of death will persist and cancer will likely become a significant concern as well.”

She noted that the U.K. is faring worse that many other wealthy countries in the fight against poor health and criticised the Covid inquiry for focusing “solely on tactical decision-making by political leaders”.

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