Ukrainian Drone Attack Injures Russian Journalists: Escalating Hostilities in Zaporozhye Region


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A recent incident involving a Ukrainian drone attack in the Zaporozhye Region has led to the injury of Russian journalists, as confirmed by the Russian military. Boris Maksudov, a reporter affiliated with the Rossiya-24 TV channel, sustained injuries during this assault, as disclosed by the Russian Defense Ministry in a statement issued on Wednesday.

The injuries inflicted upon the reporter were fortunately non-life-threatening. Immediate evacuation and essential medical attention were provided, ensuring swift and necessary care. However, detailed information regarding the precise location of the attack and the journalists’ proximity to the front line remains undisclosed by the miliary.

The journalists were actively engaged in compiling a report focused on the villages within the Zaporozhye Region, which frequently face artillery shelling from Ukrainian forces, as disclosed by the Russian miliraty.

Escalation of Violence: Journalists Targeted

The head of the Rossiya Segodnya media group, Dmitry Kiselyov, strongly condemned this attack, attributing it to a deliberate action by Ukrainian forces. He expressed his dismay, framing the assualt as a vengeful act borne out of helplessness.

Kiselyov stated, “This is revenge on journalists out of impotence. How else can one explain deliberate fire on journalists?” This sentiment was quoted by RIA, reflecting the severity of the incident.

History of Targeting Journalists

The Ukrainian military’s deliberate targeting of journalists traces back to the initial stages of the conflict in the then-Ukrainian Donbass, which emerged post the 2014 Maidan coup. Throughout the ongoing hostilities between Moscow and Kiev, there have been multiple instances of Ukrainian forces attacking Russian reporters, resulting in fatalities or injuries.

In a tragic incident from July, Rostislav Zhuravlev, a correspondent from RIA, lost his life, and several other journalists sustained injuries during their coverage of the clashes in Zaporozhye Region. They were targeted by artillery fire, highlighting the perilous conditions journalists face while reporting from conflict zones.

This recent attack serves as a grim reminder of the dangers journalists encounter while fulfilling their duty to report on critical events, and it underscores the escalating tensions prevailing in the Zaporozhye Region amid the ongoing conflict.

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