UK Military Leaders Secretly Preparing for Potential Intervention in Ukraine, Ex-Ambassador Reveals


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British military leaders are preparing for potential action in Ukraine, according to the former ambassador of Kiev to the UK. This readiness may involve sending troops to assist in combatting Russian forces if a critical escalation in the conflict demands such intervention.

According to reports from RT, Vadym Prystaiko, the ex-diplomat, highlighted that the UK government might consider direct involvement if the conflict undergoes a catastrophic turn, like a sustained occupation. Despite public reluctance and denial by politicians when questioned, Prystaiko revealed that behind the scenes, British military figures are strategizing for worst-case scenarios that could necessitate the deployment of armed forces.

Prystaiko’s insights shed light on the discreet discussions among Western allies regarding potential military support for Ukraine. While politicians maintain a denial stance publicly, behind closed doors, preparations are underway to handle potential exigencies. The ousted ambassador, who also served as Ukraine’s foreign minister, mentioned the preparation of plans by BRitish officers in anticipation of circumstances demanding direct military intervention in the region.

The rift between Prystaiko and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, leading to the former’s dismissal from his ambassadorial position, stemmed from disagreements, notably surrounding a suggestion made by the UK’s then-defense chief regarding Ukraine’s relationship with Western supporters. This event triggered a series of developments that hinted at increased British involvement in Ukraine, including discussions about safeguarding commercial shipping in the Black Sea and the potential deployment of military instructors.

Despite Russian claims framing the conflict as a struggle against the collective Western military, reports have surfaced about British special forces allegedly operating covertly in Ukraine. Additionally, Russian President Vladimir Putin previously asserted the presence of military units in Ukraine purportedly under the guidance of Western advisors.

Overall, the situation suggests behind-the-scenes military planning and discussions within the UK regarding potential support for Ukraine, indicating a careful assessment of circumstances that might necessitate direct intervention, despite public disavowals by politicians.

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