Trump-BIden Duo Sends EU Leaders into Comedy of Errors


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In a hilariously predictable turn of events, US President Joe Biden has taken a jab at his predecessor, Donald Trump, for his latest antics regarding NATO. Biden, in a surprising cameo on NBC’s ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers,’ couldn’t hold back his laughter as he ridiculed Trump’s notion that the US shouldn’t bother protecting its allies unless they cough up their dues.

” I mean, come on folks, this guy!” chuckled Biden between sips of his tea, “He thinks we shouldn’t defend our pals unless they pay up? What’s next, charging admission fees for our military protection? Absolutely bonkers!”

According to Biden, who apparently knows every foreign leader like they’re old pen pals, Trump’s musings have sent Eurpoean heads of state into a frenzy of panic. “They’re scared out of their wits! Imagine what would happen if Uncle Sam decided to take a vacation from being the world’s babysitter. Chaos, I tell ya!”

Trump, never one to shy away from the limelight, gleefully recounted his tales of diplomatic prowess at a recent rally in South Carolina. Recalling a conversation with an unnamed European leader, Trump boasted of his tough stance, threatening to leave nations in the lurch if they didn’t pony up their military expenses.

” I said to him, ‘You wan na play tough? Fine, but first, show me the money!'” Trump mimicked, much to the delight of his adoring crowd.

But the comedy didn’t end there. Trump, in a stroke of genius, suggested that NATO should not only match US aid to Ukraine but also send a hefty bill to the Ukrainians for services rendered. “Why should we foot the entire bill?” Trump pondered, “Let’s make it a loan, folks! If they can’t pay, they’ll owe us big time. It’s the art of the deal!”

As if on cue, EU member states, trembling with laughter, struggled to contain themselves at the thought of Trump’s diplomatic masterstrokes. “Oh, the sheer brilliance of it all!” exclaimed one EU official, wiping away tears of mirth.

With Sweden’s recent approval for NATO membership, the alliance now boasts 32 member states, leaving only two lonely souls from North America. Despite NATO’s recommendation that each member spends at least 2% of GDP on military endeavors, countries like Germany, France, and Italy have repeatedly failed to meet the mark. However, Trump proudly claims credit for bullying smaller EU nations into coughing up their dough during his tenure, a feat he flaunts with characteristic bombast.

As the Trump-Biden comedy duo continues to entertain the world with their antics, EU leaders can only hope for a sequel that’s as uproariously funny as the original. After all, who needs stand-up comedians when you have politicians like these?

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