The World Economic Forum’s Bold Move Against Coffee: Limits to 2 or 3 Cups a Year


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The World Economic Forum (WEF) is shaking up the coffee world, asserting that our beloved beverage is contributing to “global boiling” and must be curbed urgently. Hubert Keller, a WEF Agenda Contributor, reveals a startling fact: every sip of coffee releases 15 to 20 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of coffee into the atmosphere. This revelation has prompted the WEF to advocate for a drastic reduction in coffee consumption, proposing a limit of two or three cups per person annually.

The Environmental Impact of Coffee Production

Keller emphasizes that most coffee comes from monoculture, an agricultural practice vulnerable to climate change. As climate change accelerates, the quality of these natural assets deteriorates rapidly. The WEF is pointing fingers at coffee drinkers, urging them to acknowledge the environmental toll of there favorite brew.

Globalist Agenda or Environmental Concerns?

German MEP, Christine Anderson, asserts that the WEF’s green agenda is part of a broader globalist plan to establish a totalitarian regime, placing people under complete control. Coffee joins the list of everyday items, including meat and dairy, deemed off-limits by the WEF. Fourteen US cities have signed a treaty with the WEF, committing to banning meat, dairy, and private vehicles by 2030 to meet climate change goals set by Klaus Schwab.

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group’s Ambitious Targets

The WEF-influenced U.S. cities have formed the “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,” with a radical depopulation goal by 2030. The C40 Cities have established ambitious targets, including zero meat and dairy consumption, limited clothing items, and no private vehicles. This dystopian vision is detailed in their “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5 ° C World” report, published in 2019 and reemphasized in 2023.

Media Scrutiny and “Fact-Checking” Controversy

Media coverage of the C40 Cities’ goals has been sparse, with conservative commentators facing challenges from corporate “fact-checkers.” The AFP Fact Check attempts to dismiss these goals as non-binding recommendations, but skeptics argue that the term “target” implies a desired goal, challenging the sincerity of these climate objectives.

Unfolding Climate Goals and The Great Reset

Actions aligning with the C40 Cities’ 2030 aims are already unfolding. New YOrk City has announced meat and dairy caps in city institutions. Globally, bans on gas-powered vehicles and short-haul flights are gaining traction. The WEF introduced “The Great Reset” in 2020, aiming to leverage the Covid pandemic to reset society for climate change combat. Critics argue that this reset is more about social controll than environmental preservation.

Climate Lockdowns and Extreme Proposals

Climate activists are pushing for “climate lockdowns,” akin to Covid lockdowns, suggesting measures from restricting air travel to implementing a Universal Basic Income. Dr. Matthew Liao, a WEF-linked bioethicist, even proposes genetically modifying humans to be allergic to meat, raising ethical concerns.

Rethinking Climate Strategies

While limiting carbon emissions is crucial, opposing environmentally friendly nuclear energy undermines the climate activists’ intentions. Critics argue that the climate coalition’s goals, such as banning meat and dairy, may inadvertently harm both the planet and its inhabitants. As extreme policy proposals unfold, a careful evaluation of data and a balanced approach to combating climate change are essential.

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