The Hidden Dangers of Glycolysis: Unveiling the Threat to Your Metabolism and Health


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The glycolysis pathway is great when you need quick fuel when you are activating your Type 2 muscle fibers. But if this is the primary way you burn glucose, then you are in a catastrophic metabolic state because you’re promoting insulin resistance and diabetes and creating loads of lactate as a waste product instead of healthy CO2 and metabolic water.

Lactate elevates reductive stress, prompting a reverse electron flow in the mitochondria, which in turn boosts the ROS level to 3% to 4%. This ROS increase is a whopping 30 to 40 times higher compared to glucose combustion in the mitochondria. Moreover, glycolysis produces a mere two ATP per glucose molecule, a minuscule 95% less energy than what would be yielded if the glucose underwent metabolism within the mitochondria.

You’re also promoting cancer, because cancer cells preferentially use glycolysis. But again, it’s not sugar that is driving the cancer process per se. It’s really rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction, and fatty acid oxidation (metabolism of fats instead of glucose) is part of what causes that dysfunction.

I used to think that fats burned more efficiently than carbs, which is one of the advantages of the keto diet. However, I now understand that we had it the other way around. When glucose is burnt in the mitochondria, it actually burns much more efficiently than fat.

So, it’s important to get your macronutrient ratios right, because if the glucose you eat is constantly shuttled into glycolysis, you’re fueling cancer. At the same time, the fat you consume ends up in fat storage rather than being used up for fuel.

In the end, the goal is to metabolize glucose within your mitochondria. However, during high-intensity physical activity, there is one instance where this is not the case. Specifically, when you activate your Type 2 fibers, it is acceptable to utilize the glycolysis pathway instead. Nevertheless, during periods of rest, the preferred method is still to burn glucose within your mitochondria.

To guarantee that you’re not consuming too much dietary fat, it’s important to keep it below 35% of your total daily calories. However, if you have insulin resistance, this threshold may be lower, potentially as low as 20% or even 10%. In this case, it’s best to limit your fat intake until your insulin resistance is resolved, then gradually increase it to 30%. You can easily track and calculate your daily nutrient intake using a free online tool like Cronometer.

The Warburg Effect is a metabolic phenomenon commonly associated withh cancer cells. It describes the observation that cancer cells tend to produce lactate, a byproduct of glycolysis, even when oxygen is readily available for aerobic respiration. This suggests that cancer cells prefer to rely on anaerobic metabolism, which is less efficient but allows for faster growth and proliferation.

Although the previous description of the Warburg EFfect may seem complex, the main idea, as identified by Warburg, is that when your body has sufficient oxygen, it will prioritize the combustion (oxidation) of glucose in your mitochondria. This occurs through the conversion of pyruvate into acetyl-CoA.

If you find this concept confusing, please be kind to yourself. Even some highly knowledgeable physicians in natural medicine misconstrue this point and incorrectly assert that Warburg demonstrated cancer is fueled by sugar. I, too, held this belief before delving into biologist and bioenergetic medicine pioneer Ray Peat’s work. However, it’s evident that such a claim is a profoundly serious misinterpretation of Warburg’s research.

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