The Globalist Agenda: Trump’s Potential Return and the Threat to the Established Order


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In the tumultuous realm of global politics, the specter of DOnald Trump making a triumphant return to the presidency looms large, with potentially dire consequences for what remains of the global order. Yuval Noah Harari, a transhumanist philosopher and confidant of Klaus Schwab within the World Economic Forum (WEF), recently asserted that a Trump resurgence would deliver a “death blow” to the existing world order.

Trump’s Re-Election: A Death Knell for Global Stability?

Harari, a controversial figure known for his provocative views, expressed his concerns durring an interview with Steven Bartlett on The Diary of a CEO. In a somber tone, he acknowledged the likelihood of Trump’s return and its potential ramifications. According to Harari, Trump openly embraces policies that could undermine the fragile global order that currently exists.

Populist Politics and False Dichotomies

Harari criticized populist politicians for perpetuating a “false dichotomy” between patriotism and globalism. He argued that the presented choice between loyalty to one’s nation and allegiance to a global government is misleading. Such a binary vision, according to Harari, oversimplifies the complex interplay between patriotism and global cooperation.

WEF’s Ambitious Goals: A New World Order

Delving into the goals of the WEF, LifeSite president Steve Jalsevac outlined a vision of radical transformation. The organization, as Jalsevac described it, is dedicated to reshaping the entire world governance system, erasing borders, cultures, and customs to establish a singular world order. This new order, a collaboration between business and government, seeks to bring about unprecedented changes on a global scale.

Devastation as a Prerequisite for Transformation

Jalsevac suggested that the WEF’s strategy involves first causing widespread devastation. The proponents of this new world order aim to create economic upheaval, instigate conflicts, and plunge societies into states of fear, hunger, and despair. Only then, Jalsevac posited, would people be inclined to accept the proposed new system as a solution to the chaos.

Global Cooperation without a Global Government?

Harari clarified that when advocates speak of global cooperation, it does not necessarily imply the establishment of a global government. He dismissed the idea as both impossible and dangerous. This stance raises questions about the true intentions behind the push for global collaboration and the extent to which sovereignty will be sacrificed.

WEF’s Managerial Program and the Technological Agenda

Frank Wright, an expert on globalist institutions, highlighted the WEF’s modus operandi: attracting influential figures to promote a managerial program infused with technology. This agenda, conceived in 1941 but only feasible in contemporary times, seeks to replace state and institutional power with an international managerial class equipped with advanced technology.

Trump’s Defiance and the Uniparty Resistance

In contrast to the WEF’s agenda, Trump, often labeled a disruptor, has defied the so-called Washington “Uniparty.” His appointments of Supreme Court Justices led to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, challenging the established norms. Moreover, Trump’s opposition to the war in Ukraine stands in stark contrast to the globalist narrative.

Trump’s Pledge and the Fight Against the Deep State

Trump’s bold declarations at CPAC in June 2023 showcased his commitment to dismantling the deep state and expelling warmongers. He vowed to restore the American republic to its former glory, promising to obliterate the globalist neocon establishment that he believes has led the country astray.

Conclusion: The Battle for Ideological Supremacy

As the political landscape remains in flux, the potential return of Donald Trump raises questions about the clash between populist ideals and the globalist agenda. The battle for ideological supremacy continues, with each side fiercely advocating for its vision of the future. Only time will reveal the true trajectory of global politics and whether the established order can withstand the challenges posed by these competing forces.

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