The Global Agenda Unveiled: The Impact of Technocracy and the UN’s Digital Plan


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In 1934, the Technocracy Course laid out a vision that seemed distant, yet today, technology has propelled us closer to their aspirations. Among the seven pivotal Technocracy requisites, three crucial mandates stand out:

The Technocracy Mandates Unpacked

The third mandate emphasized the necessity to “Maintain a continuous inventory of production and consumption.” Following that, the fourth mandate urged for a “Specific registration of goods and services, detailing their origin and usage.” The fifth mandate sought a “Specific registration of individual consumption, with detailed individual records.”

The UN’s Encoded Agenda: Unveiling the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

These mandates found new life within the United Nations’ Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, a concept that echoes pure Technocracy without alteration. This framework seems tied to a broader agenda that transcends mere developmental objectives.

Decoding the UN and Bill Gates’ Initiative: The ’50-in-5′ Agenda

Journalist Alex Newman, in an interview on One America News Network (OAN) with Alison Steinberg, sheds light on the UN and Bill Gates’ plan. Their ’50-in-5′ scheme endeavors to instate “Digital Public Infrastructure,” entailing digital ID, currency, and wallets. But beneath the surface lies a sinister design: erasing global privacy and liberty.

A Threat to Privacy and Freedom: The Global Push for Digital Systems

The objective extends to digitizing systems, making them universally accessible. Newman warns that the ultimate goal involves merging digital and biological identities, a cornerstone of the ominous “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR) envisioned by figures like Klaus Schwab. This convergence poses a dire threat to privacy, freedom, and the very fabric of civilization.

Upholding Liberty: A Call to Action

For advocates of liberty, the time to act is now. Raising awareness becomes paramount; educating oneself and others about this imminent threat serves as the first crucial step. Only through collective action can the encroaching danger be revealed and thwarted before humanity finds itself ensnared in a digital labyrinth.

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