The Controversial US-UK Bombing of Yemen: Europe’s DIvide


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In a move that has left Europe divided, the recent US-UK bombing of Yemen, one of the world’s poorest nations, has stirred up a storm of controversy. Italy, Spain, and France, however, have chosen to distance themselves from the operation, leading to a diplomatic rift within the European continent.

The Late-Night Strikes on Yemen
Late Thursday evening, Washington and London orchestrated strikes on various areas of Yemen, with the capital, Sanaa, being a primary target. The motivation behind these strikes stems from the US and UK’s desire to neutralize Yemen’s Ansarallah-led forces. The reason cited is their alleged involvement in targeting Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea, purportedly in retaliation to Israel’s contentious bombing campaign in Gaza.

International Support and Dissent
The joint statement supporting the US-UK strikes found backing from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, and Bahrain. These nations stood united in endorsing the bombing as a necessary action against perceived threats in the Red Sea.

However, the refusal to participate from major European players, namely France, Italy, and Spain, has cast a shadow over the unity of purpose. Their decision not to sign the supportive joint statement has raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about the internal dynamics at play.

Italy’s Stance: A Constitutional Hurdle?
Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s government in Italy took a firm stand, claiming it was neither asked to participate nor would it have done so without a parliamentary debate and vote authorizing military action. A government source contradicted this, revealing that Rome was indeed asked but declined, citing a preference for a “calming policy.”

France’s Strategic Calculations
President Emmanuel Macron’s administration in France opted out of collaboration with the US and UK, citing a mandate that did not include a direct strike on Ansarallah. French Rear Admiral Emmanuel Slaars clarified that while the French Navy protects ships in the Red Sea, it refrains from direct intervention agianst Ansarallah.

According to reports, France feared that joining the assault would jeopardize its mediation role between Hezbollah and Israel. The concern was that participation might compromise its leverage in the delicate balance of power in the region.

Spain’s Firm Commitment to Peace
Spanish Minister of Defense Margarita Robles echoed her country’s commitment to global peace, emphasizing that Spain would not partake in any military operation against Yemen. This includes rejecting involvement in a forthcoming European Union operation in the Red Sea. Robles maintained that Spain’s focus remains on diplomatic efforts to prevent escalation in Lebanon, where Hezbollah has been engaged in border conflicts with Israel.

In a world already grappling with tensions, the US-UK bombing of Yemen has not only highlighted divisions within Europe but has also prompted each nation to reassess its role and priorities on the international stage. As the repercussions unfold, the geopolitical landscape appears more complex than ever.

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