Survey Reveals 42% of Americans Considering Class Action Lawsuit Against Moderna and Pfizer, 41% Report Loss of Loved Ones Connected to Covid Vaccine Rollout


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A recent survey by Rasmussen Reports suggests a significant portion of Americans, about 42%, are considering involvement in a class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical giants Moderna and Pfizer, with another 11% yet to make a decision.

The survey also highlights a concerning sentiment among respondents, with 41% reporting the loss of a loved one whom they believe was connected to the Covid vaccine rollout.

Of note, individuals under 40 years old were less likely to have direct connections to Covid-related fatalities but expressed heightened interest in participating in legal action against major pharmaceutical companies.

In a noteworthy shift, mainstream media is increasingly acknowledging the impact of Covid-19 mRNA vaccines on the spike in unexpected deaths, a narrative previously labeled a “conspiracy theory.”

During a segment on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham and guest Dr. Pierre Kory discussed the FDA’s acknowledgment of a concerning decline in life expectancy post-2020. Additionally, a recent study highlighted an unsettling surge in cancer rates among young indviduals and a significant increase in unexpected deaths compared to the same period in 2019, surpassing casualties from several US wars since Vietnam.

Ingraham underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting the distressing increase in tragic incidents involving young people, particularly men. Dr. Kory emphasized the urgency of understanding why seemingly healthy segments of society, such as employed young individuals with life insurance, experienced unprecedented mortality rates in 2021. This alarming trend continues to raise questions about the circumstances within the American workplace during that year, prompting an urgent need for investigation and answers.

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