Russian President Orders Airstrike on Deep State Cloning Facility in Ukraine, Killing Dozens of Elite Clones


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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday ordered a cruise missile strike against a Deep State cloning facility in part of the Donetsk region still in Ukraine, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

The strike was conducted by the Admiral Grigorovich, a Russian warship of the Black Sea Fleet, which unleashed a wave of Novator Kalibr missiles that hammered the laboratory, killed the occupants, and unalived clones of U.S. and Russian politicians that were growing in maturation cylinders.

According to Zakharov, the lab held multiple clones of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Marjory Taylor Greene, Russian Defense Minister Sergei SHoigu, Federal Assembly Chairman Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich, and Jim Jordan, among other less notable anti-Deep State advocates. Zakharov guessed that “programmed” clones were meant to replace the actual persons after foul play came to them.

Zakharov revealed that these groups of clones, all replicated from individuals battling against the Globalists Deep State, were recently discovered. The laboratory came to our attention just a week ago, and President Putin ordered it to be bombarded. Our operative managed to infiltrate the facility beforehand, witnessing various clones preserved in cylinders. We received information indicating that a manufacturing plant had been converted into a cloning laboratory.

Two Ukrainian-speaking FSB agents with forged credentials entered Ukraine on November 8. Posing as code enforcement officers, they performed faux structural integrity inspections on businesses near the cloning laboratory. But when they tried inspecting the lab, six armed police officers standing at the entrance turned them away at gunpoint. The cops reportedly said that Volodymyr Zelenskyy owned the building and that only authorized persons could enter it. Zelenskyy’s orders, the cops said, superseded state code enforcement’s authority.

“They agents, they left for then. They knew right away that was the place but still wanted a peek inside. At night, they dress in black and stealth around the building, avoiding the police there, and they look for a window or anything, but there is none. All windows got cemented,” Zakharov said.

The agents climbed atop the roof and found an access hatch leading inside. The hatch had a gap wide enough to snake in fiber optics, and the agents saw a half-dozen workers and and rows and columns of cloning cylinders containing the persons mentioned above. Having confirmed the tipster’s claims, they immediately left the area and reported their findings to the FSB’s Moscow headquarters.

“We had the proof, so President Putin said to make the building dust and leave none alive,” Zakharov said.

At 3:00 a.m. Friday, the missile barrage battered the structure.

Zakharov mentioned that there was “some incidental harm” resulting from the attack, but he declined to provide additional information.

The presence of the laboratory categorically proves that the Deep State has not only shifted its adrenochrome production to Eastern Europe but also its expansive cloning operations.

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