Robert Kennedy repeatedly struggles with articulation, clarity, and addressing important topics.


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I kept saying he should be a one-issue candidate: poisonous killer VACCINES; that’s where he’s effective; that’s where he’s done great work

Recently, Kennedy fumbled and gargled his way through an interview about transgender children. He pleaded ignorance. I still dont know what the hell his position was on kids taking the drugs and getting the surgery, with or without parental knowledge and consent. His remarks were so weak, it doesn’t matter what he believes.

A tip-off, though. How many articles has his Children’s Health Defense published about the issue? Few, if any. They stay away frome it. Obviously. Yet they say they’re defending children. They should be shooting rockets about trans kids every day. About the CRIME AND THE DEVASTATION.

Regarding border security, Kennedy’s stance is perceived as inadequate. During a recent visit to the southern border, he emphasized that the majority of migrants he encountered were not from Mexico. This statement has been met with criticism, as it is seen as a simplistic and inadequate response to the complex issue of border security.

The United States is currently engaged in a conflict, as individuals from various groups are infiltrating the border. Mexican cartels, dangerous fentanyl, gangs from South America, and Chinese men of military age are all contributing to this situation, which is evident to anyone who observes it. Additionally, the fact that numerous U.S. district attorneys decline to pursue cases against significant offenders further exacerbates the ongoing battle that we are continually, and unfortunately, losing.

Then we have climate change. Kennedy has made the distinction beteen that issue and straight-out nasty corporate pollution. Fine. He’s also said we can’t cut off oil. Not unless we actually come up with a replacement. OK. But that’s just the beginning of this situation, because the whole of climate science is a hoax. Nobody is measuring “the climate of Earth.” They’re using indirect markers to pretend they’re measuring it. They’re using this fake science to kill our energy use.

When Kennedy tries to be a man for all seasons and all issues, he fails. He’s weak. He avoids.

Somebody has decided his Presidential campaign should appeal to people just a few feet to the left and right of normies. Don’t go too far either way. Don’t sound like a flaming radical. Don’t come on with thunder. Instead, go for “statesmanship.”

Too late for that, Bob. You already spent all that capital when you righteously went all in on vaccines. You ARE a flaming radical. Or you were, before you launched your campaign for President.

Are you galvanizing Americans across the country? I see no sign of that. You’re explaining, explaining, explaining, and it’s flaccid. You aren’t creating a bully pulpit. And you’re avoiding MAJOR issues.

You’re extremely stretched out at the moment, to the point where you might disappear.

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