Revolutionizing Police Stops: California’s New Law and Its Impact


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California’s new law, slated to be enforced from January 2024, marks a pivotal change in police protocol, significantly altering how officers engage withh drivers and pedestrians.

Understanding California’s AB 2773: Redefining Police INteractions

Come January 2024, a significant modification in the way California police officers conduct stops will take effect. Under this law, officers are mandated to elucidate the purpose of the stop before proceeding with any queries when interacting with drivers or pedestrians. Gone are the days of the common opener, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

AB 2773: The Legislature’s Response to Pretextual Stops

In response to the prevalence of “pretextual stops,” where officers halt a vehicle for a minor violation as a pretext to investigate a more serious offense, California lawmakers introduced and subsequently passed AB 2773. The primary aim? To curtail such practices and minimize unwarranted stops, as reported by KTXL.

Understanding the Impact: Who Does This Law Affect?

This groundbreaking law, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in the autumn of 2022, is set to revolutionize police interactions. Effective from January 1, it directly influences the conduct of officers across various agencies, including the Department of the California Highway Patrol, county sheriffs, and city police officers.

Legislative Approval: The Path to Implementation

AB 2773’s journey through the legislative process witnessed significant support. In the Assembly, it garnered a 49-24 vote, with seven members abstaining. In the Senate, it passed with a 28-10 vote, with two members abstaining. Notably, both chambers boast substantial Democratic majorities, underscoring the widespread backing for this transformative law.

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