President of Mexico’s $20 Billion Demand and Its Impact on U.S. Immigration Policy


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In a bold move that could reshape U.S. immigration, President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has proposed a groundbreaking strategy. He seeks $20 billion in exchange for legal status and a potential pathway to U.S. citizenship for 10 million Hispanics. This demand comes amid a complex political landscape, sparking debates on immigration policies and their underlying motivations.

Shakeup on the Border: Obrador’s $20 Billion Proposition

President Obrador’s proposal is nothing short of a diplomatic shakedown, urging the United States to allocate $20 billion and provide legal pathways for 10 million Hispanics. The intricacies of this demand suggest a potential replacement strategy, raising questions about the motives behind such a bold move.

Political Maneuvering: Democrats and the Hispanic Vote

The president’s demand aligns with the Democratic Party’s aspirations, aiming to secure the Hispanic vote. With the loss of support from the Muslim community due to President Biden’s stance on Israel, Democrats appear to be strategically targeting the Hispanic demographic as a potential ally. Obrador’s proposal could be a pivotal moment in shaping future political landscapes.

A Better Solution: Military Deployment and ENhanced Border Security

Amidst the political chess game, alternative solutions emerge. Instead of succumbing to Obrador’s demand, a more robust approach involves deploying the U.S. military on the border. This includes creating a demilitarized zone (DMZ), constructing a fortified wall, utilizing drones for surveillance, and implementing strict enforcement measures. The focus would be on deterring illegal immigration and ensuring the security of the nation.

Supporting Legal Immigration: A Call for Stringent Measures

It’s crucial to emphasize support for legal immigration while addressing the pressing issue of illegal border crossings. Deploying the military and fortifying the border, as proposed, aims to establish consequences for illegal entry into the United States. The objective is to maintain a fair and just immigration system, welcoming those who contribute positively to the nation.

Future Enforcement: Trump’s Plan and Traffic Stops

Insights from key law enforcement personnel in Texas suggest a plan for the future. Upon Trump’s potential return to the presidency, there could be a strategic deportation effort targeting millions of illegal immigrants. This would be achieved through routine traffic stops, enforcing existing laws and regulations without resorting to door-to-door operations or bounty hunting.

Media Outrage: Canada’s Staged Arrest of Rebel News Reporter

Shifting focus, a disturbing incident unfolds in Canada involving the staged arrest of Rebel News reporter David Menzies. As he attempts to question Chrystia Freeland, a security person or police officer sets up a fabricated scenario leading to Menzies’ arrest. THis event sheds light on the challenges faced by independent media outlets in Canada, portraying a concerning picture of authoritarian measures.

In conclusion, the president of Mexico’s demand and the staged arrest in Canada highlight the intricacies of immigration, political maneuvering, and challenges faced by media outlets. As the debate continues, it becomes imperative to strike a balance between maintaining national security and upholding the principles of fair and legal immigration.

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