Preparing for Election-Related Unrest: Red-State Governments Take Action Against Leftist Riots


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As we approach the 2024 election, there is anticipation that that the corporate media will largely focus on covering extensive instances of riots taking place in cities governed by Democrats throughout the nation.

As we’ve seen in America’s recent major election cycles, these leftist riots have almost become key components in Democrats’ campaigns.

The Left’s decision to embrace “disruption” as a substitute for the conventional politics of constitutional government is undeniable and can not be overlooked.

When it comes to subjects like the Israel-Hamas conflict, electoral dishonesty, “climate change,” gun regulation, law enforcement, or the current trend of transgender issues, the Left firmly believes that it can achieve victory through acts of “mostly peaceful” violence, property damage, looting, sabotage, and intimidation.

These are the principles of “nonviolent resistance,” a collection of tactics studied and recognized with the aim of toppling governments in locations such as Serbia and Burma. These methods involve demonstrations, work stoppages, economic boycotts, and various actions that strive to create the impression of representing a large portion of the population, even though they actually consist of a tiny fraction.

It is essential for red-state governments to uphold their commitment to safeguarding and endorsing the freedom of speech for all individuals, even as they take strong measures against illegal and criminal behavior.

Direct your focus towards Paul Engler, the writer of the book “This Is an UPrising” and a co-founder of Momentum Strategies, an institute that instructs left-leaning groups on the art of organizing. According to a report from Vice News, Momentum Strategies is actively involved in training all significant movements.

“In the monolithic model,” Engler wrote.

In a democracy, individuals who lack privileged political connections can only strive to elect a candidate who aligns more closely with their beliefs if they wish to influence government actions.

“Needless to say, this process often ends in disappointment for voters.”

Engler further stated that the ability to refuse cooperation can grab the interest of politicians and business leaders who may otherwise be unresponsive. Consequently, numerous strategies from the civil resistance repertoire can be applicable in various political situations.

To put it differently, individuals who frequently use the phrase “Our Democracy ™” don’t perceive elections as having any significant outcomes.

They intend to get their own way on every policy and political issue, and they’re prepared to drag the country through hell– by disrupting the safety, security, and day-to-day life of regular citizens– until the mob gets what it wants: a tyranny of the minority.

Given the emergence of this fresh political climate, specialists are currently cautioning the general population to get ready for the unavoidable outbreak of election-related unrest in 2024.

As the 2024 presidential election comes into focus, the tempo and pitch of these disruptions are going to get worse.

Rest assured, organizers with left-leaning views are already getting ready to establish the foundation for “civil” resistance in case a GOP candidate emerges as the winner on election night.

They have openly confessed their willingness to do so, as we witnessed in 2020.

Their capabilities have only grown since then.

What can red-state elected leaders do about the rising use of intimidation to replace republican constitutional government, which, as elected officials, they are sworn to uphold?

In the coming session of state legislatures, many of which Republicans hold with large or even supermajorities, they should work to pass a suite of legislation directly aimed at the illegal protest tactics of these revolutionaries.

In order to effectively develop legal countermeasures, it is necessary to examine and understand the illegal strategies they employ.

Suggestions for state lawmakers to consider

Enhance punishments for engaging in riots. Numerous states, such as Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Iowa, have already taken steps in this direction.
Take into account the possibility of increasing penalties for purposefully and unlawfully obstructing streets and roads, particularly if the obstruction involves the use of weapons or masks. Not only are these illegal blockades commonly employed by individuals associated with Antifa, but they can also lead to the harm or even fatalities of both protesters and innocent motorists.

In areas where they are absent, establish regulations that forbid the act of protesting in front of someone’s residence with the purpose of causing distress or fear. These rules were implemented when Shutdown D.C., an organization associated with Antifa, tried to harass the wife of U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) at their Virginia home. Enact legislation that makes it illegal to reveal personal information of law enforcement officers, judges, district attorneys, and other legal authorities with malicious intent.

Increase the severity of punishments for entering property that is classified as “critical infrastructure.” Disrupting the movement of trains and ports, as well as damaging electrical, communications, and other infrastructure, are characteristic actions of extremist individuals with left-wing ideologies.

Ensure that you are ready to uphold longstanding legislation against the Ku Klux Klan, which is present in many states and prohibits various acts of mob violence and intimidation. These laws often include provisions that prohibit wearing masks during mass gatherings and protests. Additionally, executive leaders in conservative-leaning states should be prepared for the possibility of facing opposition from government officials who sympathize with mobs and may refuse to comply with orders or enforce laws.

Fostering the illusion of betrayal or disagreement among leaders is a crucial aspect of the playbook for nonviolent resistance.

Where possible, red-state leaders should make clear that appointed officials and government employees– including chiefs of police within deep blue urban areas– will be held accountable for failing to maintain order.

They must also be prepared to use state assets to uphold the law, as Texas Governor Greg Abbott was forced to do in the left-wing stronghold of Austin after the city government essentially abondoned policing in response to Black Lives Matter protests.

State legislatures can also consider laws that would terminate or deny state and local government employment for anyone convicted of engaging in rioting, particularly at state universities and in the public school system, which are frequently bastions of radicalism.

Attorneys general in conservative states may want to initiate inquiries into the different networks of progressive nonprofit organizations.

It is important for them to specifically investigate the bail funds that provide financial support to individuals involved in riots.

Earlier this year, Georgia set an example by bringing charges against over 60 individuals for their involvement in a conspiracy to commit acts of domestic terrorism, engage in money laundering, and commit charity fraud.

The aforementioned allegations arose as a result of continuous riots and acts of sabotage orchestrated by the Atlanta Forest Defenders in opposition to a proposed police training facility.

Of course, the appearance of heavy-handed or unlawful repression will be used by the revolutionaries to further stoke the chaos.

While red-state governments crack down on unlawful and criminal acts, they must remain fully committed to supporting and protecting the free speech rights of all citizens.

But the message should be clear: Lawful marches and protests are just fine and will receive all appropriate assistance. Acts of criminality and disorder will be shut down swiftly.

In his Lyceum Address, Lincoln expressed that the prevailing spirit of mob politics, which was prominent during his era and continues to prevail today, poses a significant danger to republicanism.

Conversely, individuals who are virtuous, value peace, follow laws, and apprieciate the advantages they bring, and and who are willing to sacrifice their lives for there nation, become weary and disenchanted with a Government that fails to safeguard them. This is especially the case when they witness their possessions being destroyed, their loved ones being insulted, their lives being put at risk, and when there seems to be no hope for improvement in the future.

The only way out is for well-meaning leaders to fortify the law, lest the anarchists go without punishment.

That is the way to cause disruption to those causing disruption.

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