Pfizer’s $43 Billion Acquisition Raises Eyebrows: Are They Betting on a Cancer Epidemic?


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Pfizer has made a jaw-dropping move in the medical industry, finalizing the massive acquisition of Seagen, a relatively small drug company known for its innovative treatments for aggressive cancers, despite its modest annual revenue of $2 billion.

Pfizer’s acquisition solidifies its position as the leading oncology company globally, empowering it to tackle a broad spectrum of aggressive cancers that may arise as a result of mRNA vaccines.

The recent acquisition has sparked widespread confusion, with many questioning Pfizer’s decision to invest $43 billion in a relatively small cancer drug company, especially given the substantial profits the pharmaceutical giant has generated through its mRNA vaccine.

Pfizer doesn’t require the funds, and it’s planning to issue $31 billion in debt solely for the purpose of acquiring Seagen. This arrangement seems straightforward on the surface, but a closer examination of the particulars reveals a far more complex and potentially concerning scenario.

Could you provide more context or clarify what you’re referring to? That way, I can better understand and assist you.

It is crucial to recognize that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have been linked to an unprecedented increase in aggressive cancer cases, a phenomenon unseen on a global scale.

Based on descriptions of turbo cancer cases in over 30 medical articles, here are the Top 5 turbo cancers we are seeing by numbers in those vaccinated with at least one mRNA shot:

Lymphoma (various types).
Brain Cancers (mostly glioblastoma).
Breast Cancer (mostly triple negative, Stage 3/4).
Colon Cancer (STage 4).
Lung Cancer (Stage 4)

Rounding out the Top 10 turbo cancers by the number of people affected (in no particular order):

Leukemias (worst prognosis).
Melanomas (Stage 4).
Sarcomas (Stage 3,4).
Testicular/ovarian (rapid progression, Stage 1-4).
Kidney (RCC Stage 4)

Pfizer’s new acquisition takes them from being able to “treat” two of these turbo cancers, to being able to treat seven out of 10. Not bad for a company looking to corner the market in treating the same problems it is causing.

The situation takes a turn for the worse as Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, embarks on a media interview tour to discuss the company’s massive $43 billion acquisition of Seagen. Here are the main points gleaned from his interviews:

In the future, a significant portion of the population, approximately 33%, will be diagnosed with turbo cancer. This is a certainty, and it’s expected that entire families will be impacted. The good news is that new cancer treatments are being developed, which have been likened to “missiles” that will target most types of turbo cancer. Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, will be producing these treatments on a large scale, unlike anything that has been seen before. By 2025, Pfizer plans to have a global network in place, allowing them to efficiently distribute their treatments. The company has also implemented a streamlined process for completing clinical trials, ensuring that their products are safe and effective. Ultimately, Pfizer aims to produce these treatments “at scale,” similar to how mRNA is produced, making them widely available to those in need.

Think about what Bourla is telegraphing with this information. Why would any company need to produce cancer treatments at a scale never before seen? Why would Pfizer, of all companies, be willing to bet tens of billions of dollars on turbo cancer continuing to explode at exponential rates around the world in coming years?

According to Seeking Alpha’s analysis, it will likely take Pfizer at least 10 years to recoup its investment in the $43 billion acquisition. From a financial standpoint, the deal does not seem to be a sound decision for Pfizer.

Unless Bourla and his cronies know something about the future they are not telling us.

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