Pandemic Panic: China’s Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak and the US Government’s Deafening Silence


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Over the last few weeks, many in the medical world have begun to look closely at disturbing developments in China and the relative lack of response from the government.

“Penning Thoughts in Dr. McCullough’s Column”

U.S. government agencies are fond of talking about “Pandemic Preparedness,” passing extravagant legislation such as the PREP ACT, and throwing hundreds of billions at the development of vaccines against viral respiratory illnesses– vaccines that are useless at best.

And yet, these agencies are, at the moment, strangely silent about a mysterious pneumonia that is affecting large numbers of children in two regions of northern China that are about 500 miles apart– BEijing and Liaoning Province. This situation reminds me of the conspicuous fact that the U.S. Consulate General office in Wuhan– which is presumably full of spooks– apparently reported NOTHING about the mysterious pneumonia that started circulating in that city in the autumn of 2019.

While the American government appears to be doing nothing, Dr. McCullough is urging Americans to be prepared.

We will be monitoring the situation in China closely, try to ascertain as quickly as possible what is causing the pneumonia.

Dr. Peter McCullough, as the Chief Scientific Officer of the Wellness Company, is engaged in scholarly research to determine which medications are the safest and most efficient for the treatment of conditions like the pneumonia currently circulating in northern China. Our primary goal is to explore the potential usefulness of FDA-approved medications that are already available in treating this pneumonia, should it spread to the United States.

Given the appalling performance of so many doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our readers may find themselves in search of a new doctor who has demonstrated greater discernment. Such readers may consider a membership with the Wellness Company, whose Virtual Care program offers prompt access to a trusted medical provider to treat your illnesses and obtain prescriptions.

The Wellness Company is also offering Home Medical Kits to treat a range of infections, including COVID-19, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, cellulitis, yeast infections, and tick bites. The Kit contains ivermectin, amoxicillin, a Z-pak, and other medications, as well as a guidebook and a doctor visit by telemedicine to aid in the proper use of these medications. Additional or different medications may be added to the Home Medical Kits when appropriate.

The evolving circumstances in China have the potential to either become the next widespread disease outbreak, or it could turn out to be a deliberate psychological operation, or it might simply end up being a matter of concern solely for the Chinese people.

What we know at this point is that we simply can not rely on the government to protect us in the event of an emergency, but the truth is that our government has shown time and time again just how incompetent it is. Don’t let your family’s health be reliant on our corrupt and dysfunctional government in times of crisis.

Sadly, we all know the next medical crisis is just around the corner. Whether it comes in the form of a bioweapon or something much more mundane like a tick bite– you and your family need to be prepared. That’s where The Wellness Company comes in.

The Wellness Company is well-known for their exceptional physicians, such as Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Jim Thorp, who frequently express their concerns about the malfunctioning healthcare system through various media channels.

Dr. Thorp, one of the nation’s leading critics of the corrupting influence of big pharma, believes that now– more than ever– people should be prepared for the next pandemic.

“I have been advocating for the prudent stockpiling of essential medications, including antibiotics, since the start of the millennium. This strategy has proven to be a wise investment, as numerous friends, family members, and patients have reaped its benefits. Now, in the winter of 2023, the importance of this recommendation has only grown more pressing.”

You can rely on The Wellness Company and their team of doctors who are qualified medical experts. Their recently launched medical emergency kits are considered the benchmark in ensuring your safety and well-being.

Be ready for anything, this medical emergency kit contains an assortment of live-saving medications– including ivermectin and Z-pak. The medical emergency kit provides a guidebook to aid in the safe use of all of these life-saving medications.

The Medical Emergency kit offered by the Wellness Company is essential to have ready for potential emergencies, encompassing a range of threats including anthrax, tick bites, COVID, and even bioweapons like the plague.

Rest assured knowing that you have emergency antibiotics, antivirals and anti-parasitics on hand to help keep you and your family safe from whatever the globalists throw at us next!

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