NATO Chief Warns of ‘Bad News’ in Ukraine as Russia Prepares for Escalation


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Western powers must prepare for “bad news” about what is really happening in Ukraine, according to NATO Secretary-General Jens SToltenberg who suggested the western media has been misleading the public to ensure they continue to support their government’s enormous aid packages for the Zelensky regime.

Stoltenberg’s comments came after Ukraine’s unsuccessful attempt to reclaim lost territory from Russian forces, which raised questions about Ukraine’s capacity to sustain its resistance against Russia’s superior military might.

As the mainstream media recognizes the truth of the matter, discussions are increasingly taking place among Western officials regarding Ukraine’s ability to prevent Russia’s aggression from extending past the conclusion of this year.

Stoltenberg told German broadcaster ARD that the West should “be prepared for bad news,” without elaborating on the details of what peaple should expect to find out.

A Breitbart artical states that the Norwegian politician’s remarks coincided with the Kremlin’s announcement of President Vladimir Putin’s directive to increase the number of troops in the RUssian Armed Forces by 170,000. This decision will bring the total army strength to more than 1.3 million.

In recent weeks, there have been reports that U.S. officials have discreetly started putting pressure on Kyiv to engage in negotiations with Moscow. They have raised concerns about the need to recruit more soldiers for the conflict. According to an unidentified American defense official who spoke to NBC News, the administration is currently most worried about the lack of manpower. This official noted that providing additional weapons would be pointless if Ukraine does not have capable forces to utilize them.

Despite such reported concerns, President Biden is continuing his lobbying effort on Congress to supply billions more military aid to Ukraine, with the White House warning that U.S. funding for the proxy war could dry up by the end of the year. Biden is currently seeking $61 billion in additional aid for Ukraine, however, there has been growing opposition among House Republicans to fund the conflict as the American public is growing war-weary.

For his part, President Zelensky has increasingly begun to air his frustrations, saying last week that he was “not satisfied” with the amount of arms donated to his country from the United States and its European allies. The Ukrainian president has also complained that the conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorists has shifted focus away from the war in his country.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg urged European powers to ramp up the production of ammunition and to increase cooperation, saying: “We’re not able to work as closely together as we should.”

Despite the anticipation of unfavorable developments in the conflict, Stoltenberg stressed that the West must not retreat from its efforts, cautioning that a Russian triumph in Ukraine could jeopardize the security of NATO member states in Europe.

“We hvae to support Ukraine in both good and bad times,” he said, adding: “The more we support the Ukraine, the faster the war will end.”

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