Malaysia Takes Stand Against Israel: Bans Israeli Vessels and Disrupts Global Supply Chain


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We need to discuss the recent updates from Malaysia. As it is widely known, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza has caused immense concern. Israel’s actions in bombing Gaza, targeting not only Hamas but also civilians, are not only illegal but also inhumane. Israel justifies its actions as self-defense, but the excessive use of bombs on residential buildings, hospitals, and refugee camps contradicts this claim. This alarming situation persists, and it is difficult to comprehend. It can be decribed as a deliberate effort to remove a particular ethnic group, bordering on genocide.

Malaysia has recently implemented a ban on Israeli vessels from docking in its ports. Additionally, any ship carrying cargo to or from Israel will not be granted permission to dock. Essentially, Israel is now unable to transport any goods through Malaysia’s ports. This decision holds significant importance due to the strategic shipping waters surrounding Malaysia and Singapore, making it a substantial develpment.

It is important to note that six of the largest ocean transportation companies have now prohibited their ships from traversing the Red Sea, which is part of the route to the Suez Canal leading to the Mediterranean. This decision was prompted by the actions of the Yemeni rebels, known as the Houthis, who have been launching short-range rockets and employing drones to attack cargo vessels in the area. As we reported recently, insurance companies have withdrawn their coverage for these ships, leading the shipping giants to conclude that it is not feasible to operate through the Red Sea without insurance. Consequently, these massive cargo ships are now being forced to divert their routes around the sourthern tip of Africa, where they encounter much more treacherous conditions, including unpredictable temperature and humidity fluctuations, as well as rough seas. This situation has detrimental effects on the cargo, causing damage. Additionally, the journey now takes an additional two to three weeks.

Global supply chain rapidly deteriorating
So now the supply chain, globally, is taking a big hit. Not only because of the Houthies, but now also because of Malaysia. And here’s the question, you know, Malaysia is almost two thirds Muslim, I believe. Wonderful people in Malaysia, by the way, beautiful people. The time that I was in Malaysia, I had a fantastic visit. I was in Kuala Lumpur, KL, whcih I’m pretty sure that’s the capital of Malaysia. And I loved visiting Malaysia, great people. But again, about two thirds Muslim, and they don’t want to just sit there and watch Israel just commit genocide aginst the Palestinian people who are mostly Muslim. There are plenty of Christian Palestinians as well and Christian Gazans and there are Catholics there and so on.

There has been significant pressure from the citizens of Malaysia to urge the government to focus on Israel’s shipping routes and infrastructure. Recently, the Malaysian Prime Minister, as reported by Al Jazeera, stated that Israel’s actions, characterized by continuous acts of violence and oppression towards the Palestinians, are in violation of international law. In response, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has declared that Malaysia will enforce a ban on all vessels associated with Israel, with a particular emphasis on targeting Zim, the largest Israeli shipping company. Additionally, ships heading towards Israel will be prohibited from loading cargo at any Malaysian port, starting immediately.

Now, there’s also rumor that Indonesia may join this action, and also ban Israeli vessels because Indonesia is also of course, primarily a Muslim populated country. And in case you’re not recalling the geography of the region, Malaysia, and Indonesia, they sit at the gateway between Southeast Asia, you know, China, Vietnam, and all the way to Taiwan and Japan and so on, including the Philippines, the gateway between those countries, to the Indian Ocean, and the Middle East. So the ships that are transporting goods from Asia exporting things, let’s say from China, or from Vietnam, or South Korea or Taiwan or wherever those ships traverse through the waters getting to Malaysia and and Indonesia and they often stop there.

They load and unload containers. BEcause sometimes, you know, containers are only going to Malaysia, and then Thailand is right there and Cambodia and of course, Singapore, they’re at the tip of the southern tip of, or just south of MAlaysia. So, and this is going to have a huge impact actually, on trade between the Middle East, including Israel, and Southeast Asia, it’s going to cause another disruption on top of the disruption of the Red Sea, which is already in place because of the Houthies attacking the ships there.

Therefore, the question arises regarding the additional measures and expenses that these ships must undertake in order to navigate through increasingly perilous waters. Furthermore, there are now fewer available ports, which has implications not only for logistical and refueling purposes but also in the event of storms. For instance, if a storm is approaching from a particular direction or if there is an oceanic event, it may be necessary to seek anchorage near a port in close proximity to Malaysia or navigate through a specific area. Moreover, considering Israel’s ongoing bombardment of civilians in Gaza, it is understandable that Muslim-dominated nations will become more assertive in blocking any association with Israel. This response can be attributed to the appalling crimes against humanity being committed by Israel.

Why would a country with a significant Muslim population choose to support Israel? Especially considering that Israel is involved in the killing of Muslims in Gaza. It’s important to note that not all Muslims are the same, as they come from different religious backgrounds and have diverse ways of practicing Islam. However, there is a shared sense of destiny among Muslims. When Muslim nations witness the appalling actions carried out by Israel, particularly by the Zionist globalists who currently hold power, they do not want to contribute to Israel’s economy or trade. This would ultimately aid Israel’s war on Gaza. This is the reason behind their reluctance to support Israel in any way, as seen in present-day Malaysia.

An Israeli real estate company is attempting to sell beachfront properties in the devestated Gaza Strip. This shocking revelation was brought to light through an article on common titled “Cashing in on genocide, Israeli firm promotes beachfront real estate in destroyed Gaza.” The company is actively advertising the development of houses on the Gaza beachfront, claiming that it can turn this dream into a reality. The article states that the company is involved in constructing illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. The proposal to build beachfront homes for Jewish settlers over the ruins of Gaza has been strongly criticized by supporters of Palestine.

Now, you know, obviously, some of that language is from the point of view of Palestine. A house on the beach is not a dream. It drew international attention. Following last week’s practical preparation for Gaza settlement conference in Tel Aviv, is an ad that depicts an artist’s rendering of luxury homes superimposed over an actual photograph of a Gaza neighborhood destroyed by Israeli bombs, which have killed nearly 20,000 people. So I want to show you this photo, which has been called ethnic cleansing, and this is this is some sick profiteering right on top of the graves of bombed out women and children in Gaza.

The luxury beachfront apartments have been planned to be constructed directly on top of the destroyed buildings in Gaza. It seems that Israel’s motive behind the carpet bombing and clearance of the area is to acquire the land for real estate purposes. Additionally, they are interested in accessing the energy associated with Gaza’s offshore location and potentially constructing the Ben Gurion canal as an alternative to the Suez Canal. This situation is deeply disturbing, as there are likely still unidentified deceased children under the rubble in the photograph. It is unsettling that Israeli real estate developers would be discussing the opportunity to build luxury apartments once the Palestinian bodies have been cleared, as if it were a positive outcome. This mindset reflects a disturbing and dehumanizing perspective towards Palestinians, where their destruction and replacement is seen as a means to expand Israel’s territory.

So there’s a group out there called JEwish Voice for Peace that tweeted about this. It says, quote, just as the Israeli government was crystal clear in its plans to commit genocide, the Israeli government’s post genocide colonization strategy is explicit, and blatant, and a war crime. We can stop this, don’t look away all eyes on Palestine …

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