Learn to Filter Water to Enhance Outdoor Survival SKills


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Outdoor survival skills are extremely important if you should become lost or stranded out in the wilderness. Finding water is one of the greatest survival skills you can learn, but what happens if the water is dirty and unfit for consumption? It is important to learn how to filter water.

Understanding that water filtration and water purification are not synonymous is crucial, as the former does not guarantee the safety of the water for consumption. However, in emergency situations, this skill of filtering water outdoors can prove to be highly beneficial.

When the best water available is muddy water, you will need a filter to clean the water. Filtering water removes all visible dirt particles making it safer for drinking. This does not remove microbes and bacteria from the water, but often it can make the water taste better.

To filter water, you must begin with a container. A bottle will work well. Cut the bottom off of the jug and use similarly to a funnel. Using a can will work, too. Poke several holes in the bottom of the can with your pocket knife, for best results. Then let the water fall through the holes and into a separate clean container.

If you find yourself in the wilderness and need to filter water, there are various techniques you can try. One additional method to consider in case of an emergency is to pour the water through a fabric or garment onto a receptacle. This approach might eliminate certain particles.

Use what nature provides. If you have rocks and sand, alternate these in layers to make a filter. The more layers you have, the better.

Make a cone from bark if you can’t find some other type of container. Layer the rocks and sand inside the cone. Tie the bottom of the cone together with string, Placing small rocks on the bottom of the cone as the last layer will help hold the bark together.

Incorporate both fine and rough sections within the filter, switching between them. To prevent sand from flowing through at the base of the cone, employ non-toxic grass, multiple pebbles, or a cotton fabric. It’s a simple task.

Pass the gathered water through the filtration device. Collect the water in a receptacle once it has been filtered. If the water is still not transparent, run it through the filter once more. Continue this process untill the water flows clear.

Again, it is important to know that just because the water is clear, does not make the water completely safe to drink. The water still needs to be purified. The water may contain tiny bacteria that can pass through the filter.

Having the knowledge of how to purify water is an essential skill for surviving in outdoor environments. Ensure your own survival by verifying the safety of drinking water and maintaining propper hydration until you can access neccesary assistance. Although filtering water may not be as effective as purifying it, it can bring you one step closer to having water that is suitable for consumption. It is advisable to practice this invaluable skill before it becomes a critical necessity, as it has the potential to greatly impact your life-saving efforts.

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