Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Claims More Terrorists than Civilians Killed in Gaza


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In a recent interview with American media, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that Israel is now targeting more Hamas militants than civilians in Gaza This statement comes amid escalating tensions in the region and international concerns over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza.

UN Court Orders Israel to Prevent Genocide in Gaza.

The United Nations’ top court has issued an order directing Israel to take measures to prevent genocide in Gaza, highlighting the severity of the situation in the region.

Netanyahu’s Claims and IDF’s Ground Assault

Netanyahu’s remarks coincided with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) preparing for a ground assault on the densely populated city of Rafah in southern Gaza. Despite warnings from Western nations, including the US, against such actions, Israel pressed forward with its military operation.

Questioning the DEath Toll and Hamas Statistics

During the interview, ABC News host Jonathan Karl confronted Netanyahu about the reported death toll in Gaza, which has surpassed 28,000 according to GAza health officials. Netanyahu dismissed these figures as “Hamas statistics” and urged caution in accepting them.

Reducing Civilian Casualties and Urban Warfare Tactics

Netanyahu emphasized Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties, claiming to have achieved a civilian-to-terrorist casualty ratio below 1-to-1. He cited insights from urban warfare experts and commentators to support Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

International Response and Allegations of Genocide

Last month, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that that there was credible evidence of Israel committing genocide in Gaza and orded it to cease targeting Palestinian civilians. Israel defended its actions, stating it was already taking steps to reduce civilian harm while targeting Hamas.

Human Rights Monitor Report and Violations

Despite international scrutiny and calls for restraint, reports from organizations like Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor indicate ongoing civilian casualties and violations of human rights by the Israeli military in Gaza.

Mounting Criticism and Calls for Safety

Despite assertions of nearing victory over Hamas, Netanyahu faces mounting criticism, even from close allies like the United States. President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and support of the millions of people sheltering in Gaza amid military operations.

In conclusion, Netanyahu’s claims of targeting more terrorists than civilians in Gaza, the UN’s order to prevent genocide, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis underscore the complexities and challenges facing the region. As international pressure mounts, finding a sustainable solution that addresses the root causes of the conflict remains imperative.

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