Is WEF Trying to Control People Through CO2 Regulation? Dutch MP Raises Concerns


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In a recent interview with The HighWire’s Del Bigtree, Dutch MP Rob Roos sounded the alarm about the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) agenda to assert authority over carbon dioxide (CO2), potentially leading to control over individuals.

The WEF’s Ambitious Agenda

Roos, a current independendet Member of the European Parliament (MEP), expressed his apprehensions amidst the backdrop of widespread farmer protests across Europe. He shed light on what he perceives as a climate hoax orchestrated by radical globalist elites under the guise of the WEF’s ambitious “Net Zero” initiative.

Challenging Core Values

Discussing the implications of this agenda, Roos highlighted its adverse effects on fundamental values such as family, natural food, and freedom. He emphasized the disproportionate financial burden placed on individuals, particularly through the promotion of electric cars, which he noted are nearly twice as costly as conventional vehicles. According to Roos, this economic strain restricts personal mobility, ultimately undermining individual freedom.

Digitalization and Social Control

Expanding on the issue, Roos drew attention to the broader trend of digitalization, framing it withing the context of a new form of communism. He argued that initiatives like digital identity and central bank digital currency serve as tools for social control, enabling unprecedented surveillance and manipulation.

CO2 as a Means of Control

Central to Roos’s concerns is the manipulation of CO2 regulation as a means of exerting control over populations. He posited that since virtually every aspect of human activity generates CO2 emissions, regulating CO2 levels equates to regulating people’s lives. By monopolizing control over CO2, globalist entities could wield immense influence over individuals and societies.

The Interplay with Covid-19

Drawing parallels with the Covid-19 pandemic, Roos and Bigtree discussed how the crisis accelerated the implementation of globalist agendas. They highlighted the WEF’s characterization of the pandemic as an opportunity for the “Great Reset,” suggesting a deliberate exploitation of the crisis to advance their objectives.

In conclusion, Roos’s warning underscores the urgent need for vigilance against encroachments on personal freedoms under the pretext of environmental stewardship. The debate surrounding CO2 regulation serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between environmental responsibility and individual autonomy.

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