Is Democracy Declining under Zelensky? Insights from a Recent Study


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Have you been wondering about the state of democracy in Ukraine under President Zelensky’s leadership? Well, recent findings might shed some light on this matter. Let’s dive into the details and see what the numbers have to say.

The Study’s Revelations

A recent study conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) has uncovered some intriguing insights into the perceptions of Ukrainians regarding the state of democracy during Zelensky’s presidency. The findings revealed that almost half of Ukrainians, approximitely 43%, believe that democratic institutions in the country have worsened over the past five years under Zelensky’s leadership.

BLame Game: Who’s Responsible?

When it comes to assigning blame for the perceived decline in democracy, opinions vary. While some point fingers at policymakers, attributing 28% of the decline to their actions, others, only a mere 11%, see the conflict with Russia as a contributing factor. Interestingly, a small percentage, around 3%, believe that both factors have played a role in this decline.

Economic Downturn: Another Concern

It’s not just democracy that’s under scrutiny; the economy is also under the microscope. Nearly half of the respondents, about 49%, expressed concerns about the state of the Ukrainian economy under Zelensky’s rule. Factors such as the creation of conditions for development, transparency of rules, and the government’s attitude towards business were highlighted as areas of concern. Of this group, 23% attributed the economic challenges to national policymaking, while 16.5% linked them to the ongoing military conflict.

Interpreting the Findings

According to Anton Hrushetsky, the Executive Director of KIIS, the findings suggest a nuanced perspective. While there may not be significant leaps forward in democracy and the economy, there’s also a reluctance to lay harsh blame solely on the authorities. Hrushetsky emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing the challenges faced by the country to maintain support and optimism among the population.

Putin’s Perspective

It’s worth noting the perspective shared by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recently questioned Zelensky’s legitimacy as president. Putin argued that Zelensky’s term had “expired” and highlighted discrepancies regarding the suspension of presidential elections under martial law. In Moscow’s view, the Ukrainian parliament holds the sole legitimate authority in the country.


The findings of the study paint a complex picture of the perceptions surrounding democracy and the economy in Ukraine under President Zelensky’s leadership. While concerns exist, there’s also a recognition of the challenges faced by the country. Moving forward, addressing these challenges and fostering transparency and accountability will be crucial in strengthening democracy and restoring economic stability.

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