International Stage Actress Melle Stewart Pursues Legal Action Against AstraZeneca Over Covid Vaccine-Induced Stroke


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Melle Stewart, a prominent international stage actress, has taken a decisive step in legal action against AstraZeneca following a harrowing experience post-Covid vaccination. Formerly an advocate for vaccination, Stewart’s life took an unexpected turn after suffering a debilitating stroke linked to the vaccine.

Unveiling the Unforeseen Health Crisis

The 42-year-old, previously aligned with the pro-vaccine stance, is now at the forefront of legal action against the pharmaceutical giant. Her life was drastically altered by a severe stroke, a consequence that has propelled her to join a group of individuals also pursuing legal measures against AstraZeneca within the UK.

The Ongoing Legal Battle and Its Ramifications

This legal endeavor could potentially spawn up to 80 damages claims, collectively amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, against AstraZeneca.

The Prelude: Stewart’s Flourishing Career and the Pandemic’s IMpact

Before the pandemic upheaval, Stewart was enjoying a flourishing international career. Her portrayal in the musical “Kiss Me Kate” in Belfast, Northern Ireland had earned her standing ovations and acclaim from audiences.

The Grim Unfolding: Post-Vaccination Ordeal

However, just a fortnight after receiving the vaccine, her life took a drastic turn. She awakened to an unfamiliar sensation on her body’s right side, only to collapse when trying to rise.

A Fight Against Health Decline

Her condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to hospitalization and subsequent loss of mobility, speech impairment, and seizures. Urgent neurosurgical intervention became necessary to alleviate brain pressure, revealing a diagnosis of Vaccine-Induced Thrombocytopenic Thrombosis (VITT).

The Arduous Journey to Recovery

Stewart’s battle involved learning to walk and speak anew. Three weeks in an induced coma, multiple blood transfusions aimed at flushing out vaccine-induced antibodies causing blood clots, and an extensive stay in a specialized rehabilitation hospital in London marked her path to recovery.

A Glimmer of Hope Amidst Adversity

February 2022 saw her discharge from the hospital, albeit with a life forever changed. Alongside her partner, Ben Lewis, 43, Stewart decided to relocate back to Brisbane, seeking solace and support from family.

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