GOP Candidate Kellen Curry’s Progressive Ties Raise Eyebrows in NY Congressional Race


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A fresh face has stepped into the race for the vacant Congressional seat left by former Rep. George Santos (R-NY), but this candidate’s values don’t seem to sync with the majority of GOP supporters.

Kellen Curry has thrown his hat in the ring to secure the Congressional seat previously occupied by Santos in New York’s 3rd District.

However, despite identifying as a Republican candidate, Curry’s affiliations suggest close connections to groups typically associated with more progressive ideologies.

Reports indicate his strong ties to anti-Trump organizations, as highlighted by the DC Inquirer.

Investigations by the DC Enquirer have shed light on Curry’s affiliations, painting a picture that leans more towards leftist ideologies than the Republican stance he claims.

It’s been uncovered that Curry has maintained a longstanding association with a left-leaning consultancy called “New Politics.”

His senior campaign advisor, Steven Craven, holds a significant position within this organization with clear left-leaning tendencies.

On the surface, New Politics projects a bipartisan objective, focusing on nurturing leaders committed to community and country above personal agendas.

Yet, despite its purported mission to rejuvenate democracy, the DC Enquirer reveals a concerning trend: New Politics actively seeks candidates with military backgrounds while embracing far-left ideologies, including the contentious Critical Race Theory (CRT) rooted in Marxism.

The organization’s ties with far-left movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) further indicate a stance that starkly contrasts with conservative values.

This alignment with divisive ideologies has steered New Politics to endorse solely progressive candidates, engaging in practices that seem discriminatory under the guise of promoting diversity.

Curry’s associations don’t end with New Politics; reports also suggest links to “The Lincoln Project.”

Founded by vocal anti-Trump figures including Rick Wilson, George Conway, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, Reed Galen, and Jennifer Horn, The Lincoln Project emerged in 2019 with a singular agenda: opposing President Donald Trump.

Consistently opposing the MAGA movement, the group exclusively supports candidates against Trump’s ideology.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Curry notably evaded a direct response when asked about his preferred 2024 candidate, despite substantial Trump support within his district.

While suspicions linger regarding Curry’s true motivations, other promising contenders have emerged in the race for the seat.

One recent development includes the endorsement of Cara Castronuova for the position by the Italian-American Civil Rights League. Their Twitter post strongly encourages Castronuova, known as an Italian American patriot, Gateway Pundit, and Newsmax Reporter, to pursue the nomination for New York’s Third Congressional District.

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