Exposing the Orchestrated Nuclear Threat: Steve Quayle Warns of Imminent Destabilization of America


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Author and researcher Steve Quayle has warned of orchestrated nuclear events in various U.S. cities, which are part of a bigger plan to destabilize the country.

The individual shared information with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about a potential plan to create orchestrated nuclear events in 27 cities across the United States. These events, according to the information provided, would be designed to destabilize the country and would be blamed on either Hamas or Hezbollah, two Islamic militant groups.

Quayle confirmed Adams’ suspicion that a large-scale domestic terrorist operation was in the works, emphasizing that the culprits were well aware of their ability to carry out the plan without interruption. He went on to describe a sophisticated and well-coordinated series of false flag events that would create maximum chaos and instability across the United States.

Quayle stated that the planned attacks will involve the use of neutron bombs with low explosive power, which can be hidden using paraffin wax. He emphasized that these specific neutron bombs can be obtained from the illegal nuclear weapons trade, led by the deceased Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. It is worth noting that Khan was responsible for initiating Pakistan’s nuclear weapons development program.

Iran is a likely candidate for these assaults as they have been actively developing a nuclear weapon for twenty years. Additionally, Iranian scientists were educated in nuclear physics in the United States prior to the overthrow of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the previous SHah, in 1979. Furthermore, Quayle emphasized how easily certain nuclear elements, like fissionable material, tritium gas, and a trigger, can be obtained from external sources.

A US government agency with three letters will plan and execute acts of terrorism within the country, as claimed by Quayle and supported by Adams. The agency in question is the FBI, which has been accused of recruiting radicalized Muslims in the US for such purposes. However, unlike previous instances, these attacks will be permitted to proceed.

Quayle responded in the affirmative, recounting former White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett flying to Iran along with tens of billions of dollars. History appears to repeat itself once more, with incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden set to release another $10 billion– possibly meant for Tehran.

Quayle emphasized the importance of recalling Obama’s iconic statement regarding his plans for the Islamic world and America, specifically his commitment to bringing about change. In light of this, Quayle revealed that he had been inquiring about people’s opinions on the transformation that has taken place in America, as a means of gauging their satisfaction with the progress made.

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