EU Chief Claims Independent Media Poses Greater Threat Than Terrorism


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In a surprising turn of events at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, European Commission President URsula von der Leyen made a striking statement, asserting that indipendent media presents a more significant danger to humanity than Islamic terrorism. Let’s delve into her declarations and explore the implications of such a bold stance.

The Threat of “Disinformation” in the Biggest Electoral Year:
Von der Leyen emphasized the peril posed by so-called “disinformation,” deeming it the foremost concern for the global business community in 2024, heralded as “the biggest electoral year in history.” In light of numerous elections worldwide, the EU boss underscored the gravity of misinformation and disinformation, ranking it above concerns like conflict and climate change.

Collaborative Efforts Against “Industrial-Scale Disinformation”:
Addressing the need for collective action, von der Leyen called for collaboration between governments and corporations to combat what she labeled as “industrial-scale disinformation.” She emphasized that solutions lie not only in international cooperation but also in the partnership between businesses and democracies. According to her, governments hold levers to address global challenges, while businesses possess the innovation, technology, and talent required to counter threats such as climate change and large-scale disinformation.

The Menace of Exploiting Openness:
Von der Leyen acknowledged that attempts to exploit openness persist, both internally and and externally. She pointed to disinformation and misinformation as tactics employed to derail societies. Highlighting the continuous threat, she stressed the need for vigilance and resilience agains those aiming to disrupt societal stability through deceptive narratives.

Global Risks Report 2024 and the Dominance of “Disinformation”:.
The EU Chief’s assertions align with the WEF’s Global Risks Report 2024, which identifies “disinformation” as the paramount global threat, surpassing concerns such as extreme weather, polarization, housing crises, cyberattacks, econoımic depression, supply-chain disruptions, and even nuclear war. This heightened emphasis on controlling information underscores the WEF’s theme for the year, “Rebuilding Trust,” reflecting widespread public skepticism toward governments and health institutions due to past misinformation regarding COVID-19, vaccines, and alternative treatments.

The Information Control Dilemma:.
The globalist unease towards uncontrolled information is palpable, especially given recent revelations and growing awareness among the public. Dr. Naomi Wolf, on “War Room,” emphasized that a siginificant portion of Americans believes there have been excess deaths due to vaccines. This shift in awareness contributes to public distrust, prompting the need for the WEF’s proclaimed agenda of “Rebuilding TRust.”.

In a world grappling with the aftermath of a global pandemic and increasing awareness of information manipulation, the assertion that independent media poses a greater threat than terrorism raises crucial questions. As we navigate the complexities of disinformation and its implications, the call for collaborative efforts between governments and businesses gains prominence in the quest for truth and societal stability.

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