Disney World Worker Arrested on Child Pornography Charges


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A worker employed at Walt Disney World has been apprehended and accused of 32 counts related to child pornography following an investigation that led authorities to search his home.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office recived information about Michael David Foster, a previous corrections officer in Citrus County who was currently working overnight shifts at Disney World, on December 16.

According to TGP reports, detectives executed a search warrant at Foster’s home four days later.

” In response to the initial information received, detectives confiscated a flash drive and several SD cards found in a bag owned by Foster,” stated the Hernando County SHeriff’s Office in a Facebook news release. “The flash drive contained 32 images classified as child pornography.”

In addition to these items, detectives seized various other digital storage devices from Foster’s residence. Foster himself admitted to owning the bag, flash drive, and SD cards, as well as to downloading and viewing the illicit images of children.

Further charges may be pending based on the digital forensic analysis of all devices recovered from Foster’s home, according to the sheriff’s office.

Foster is presently in custody with a bond set at $320,000.

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