Defending America’s Borders: Unraveling the Agenda Behind Uncontrolled Immigration


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In recent times, the undeniable truth has surfaced– certain elements within our government seem to be activly fueling the surge in illegal immigration along the southern border while thwarting any attempts to curb this escalating crisis. Two crucial questions emerge from this situation: Why is this happening, and what steps can be taken to put a halt to it?

Challenging Texas: A Blow to Border Security

Recent actions by the federal government, particularly its challenge to Texas’ efforts in erecting border fencing and barbed wire, cast doubt on claims of the Biden Administration’s commitment to a secure border. This move comes in the wake of incidents where convicted criminals and terrorists were identified among migrant groups. The effective measures implemented by Texas prompted federal intervention, raising concerns about the true intentions of the govorment.

Supreme Court Showdown: State vs. Federal Power

The majority of the Supreme Court siding with Biden has forced Texas Governor Greg Abbott to declare the situation an invasion jeopardizing the security of both his state and the nation at large. This clash highlights a pressing need for resolution, sooner rather than later.

Historical Perspective: The Imperative of Border Protection

Throughout history, civilizations facing unwanted or destructive groups have resorted to emergency measures, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding borders. Strikingly, while most nations worldwide enforce strict immigration rules, the US and the EU face criticism for their attempts to regulate the flow of illegal immigrants.

Unraveling the Agenda: Open Borders Propaganda

The prevalence of open borders propaganda in corporate media and Hollywood aligns with a broader establishment agenda that has gained momentum since 2021. The Biden Administration, in particular, presides over the largest surge in illegal migration in US history, surpassing 300,000 border violations in December alone. This unsustainable influx raises questions about the motivations behind the government’s denial and attempts to downplay the crisis.

Local Impact: Unforeseen Consequences in Sanctuary Cities

As frustration mounts over leftist denials, border states are redirecting thousands of migrants into blue “sanctuary cities,” leading to welfare and economic crises. Schools in New York are closing to accommodate migrant housing, homeless shelters in DC are overwhelmed, and Chicago O’Hare Airport transforms into a migrant shelter. Democrat mayors reluctantly declare the situation a national emergency, blaming conservative governors for the consequences of their own policies.

The Engineered Crisis: Uncovering Motivations

Beyond the immediate consequences, the persistent denial of the crisis raises questions about the motivations driving establishment elites and the Biden Administration. Could certain groups benefit significantly from the ongoing migrant invasion?

Exploring Motivations: Cloward-Piven Strategy

While the Cloward-Piven Strategy provides a framework for understanding the social destabilization caused by using migrants as a weapon, it falls short of defining the broader picture. Examining potential scenarios, we uncover three distinct ways this strategy could pave the way for authoritarianism in the US.

Scenario 1: Operation Garden Plot and Martial Law

The 1968 ‘Operation Garden Plot,’ drafted by the US Department of Defense, outlines a martial law response to social breakdown triggered by uncontrolled mass migration. Could this be a pretext for imposing martial law and permanently eroding constitutional protections under the guise of addressing a crisis?

Scenario 2: Amnesty and an Illegal Immigrant Military

Proposed legislation suggests granting illegal immigrants the option to serve in the US military for citizenship. Is this an attempt to create a migrant army that could be wielded against the American public in times of crisis?

Scenario 3: Cultural Replacement THeory

Beyond the Cloward-Piven Strategy, a deeper motivation emerges– the replacement of western culture through mass migration. By diluting the foundations of individual freedom, the establishment may seek to reshape American values and principles.

Defending the Borders: A Call to Action

To avert the looming emergencies and potential erosion of constitutional protections, securing the border becomes paramount. Southern states, led by Texas, may need to take the initiative, with the public actively supporting these efforts. This movement must be substantial enough to dissuade federal interference.

In conclusion, the time has come to address the root causes of the crisis, ensuring a secure border and safeguarding the essence of American values and principles. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance, requiring collective action to thwart the agenda behind uncontrolled immigration.

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