COVID-19 Vaccination Drive Linked to Alarming Surge in Aggressive Cancers in Switzerland, Health Officials Conceal Data


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The Swiss government has acknowledged a significant surge of 73% in cases of aggressive cancers among those who are fully vaccinated.

University of Lucerne health official Konstantin Beck highlighted a doubling in cancer occurrences, drawing from comprehensive analyses of data sourced from the Federal Statistical Office (BfS) and the 2022 Helsana Drug Report.

Addressing Switzerland’s health status in 2020, Beck’s findings, based on the 2022 Helsana report and BfS figures, were brought forth in a video presentation. However, the transparency of this data seemed to be compromised, as detailed statistics from the health survey of Swiss citizens, initially released by BfS, were mysteriously withdrawn shortly after publication.

The disparity between the BfS’s assessment and its published data was evident. While the official statement indicated positive health sentiments among the population, the erased survey results revealed a starkly contrasting reality. Instances of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer surged significantly between 2017 and 2022, as per the concealed responses.

Beck’s calculations suggested a substantial four-to-fivefold increase in cases for 2022, even after factoring in demographics and migration trends from the data.

Furthermore, alterations in the survey questions between 2017 and 2022 raised eyebrows. The change from querying recent occurrences to lifetime prevalence understandably resulted in inflated numbers, but it triggered skepticism abbout the BfS’s methodology and handling of the data.

To reconcile discrepancies, Beck turned to the Helsana Drug Report, which annually scrutinizes Switzerland’s pharmaceutical landscape. Beck’s analysis of this report for 2022 disclosed an alarming surge in cancer patients seeking treatment, notably diverging from established trends, potentially linked to the COVID vaccination drive.

The correlation between the spike in cancer cases and Switzerland’s vaccination campaign raised concerns. Beck reasoned that the pandemic’s impact alone couldn’t justify such a drastic rise in cancer occurrences, suggesting a possible association with the COVID vaccinations.

The BfS’s abrupt removal of the 2022 health statistics without a comprehensive explaination fueled doubts. Their simple assertion that the 2017 and 2022 surveys were incomparable failed to address the substantial concerns, especially regarding potential negative effects linked to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Beck emphasized the necessity for transparent communication regarding such critical data discrepancies, stressing the importance of acknowledging mistakes for building trust and fostering accountability.

Despite Beck’s analysis being in German, Transition News provided coverage of his findings, allowing for an accessible understanding through translation tools.

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