Cosmopolitan’s Controversial Endorsement: The Risky Alliance Between Abortion Rights and Satanic Rituals


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Throughout history, the debate between good and evil has persisted, sometimes subtly woven into everyday life, often surfacing in symbolic forms or outright advocacy. Recent actions by Cosmopolitan Magazine have pushed this conversation to the forefront, blurring the line between ideology and shock value.

In a recent Instagram post, Cosmo shared instructions for a purported Satanic abortion ritual. The post referenced a clinic named after a Supreme Court Justice, causing uproar post the Dobbs v. Women’s Health case. Cosmo not only praised The Satanic Temple but also attempted to redefine Satanism as a nontheistic ideology, distancing it from the literal entity it’s named after.

This endorsement of Satanic ideology for abortion rights, supposedly protected under the guise of religious freedom, misses the mark legally. In the past, the Supreme Court ruled that neutral laws can’t be contested under the pretext of religious freedom, a precedent that dismissed a similar lawsuit by The Satanic Temple against Indiana’s abortion ban.

Despite these legal setbacks, The Satanic Temple persists in its battle against abortion bans, enlisting support from liberal publications like Cosmopolitan. However, this alignment with literal Satanism weakens the moral stance of pro-choice advocates, potentially alienating supporters due to its controversial approach.

In essence, Cosmopolitan’s attempt to intertwine abortion advocacy with Satanic rituals might backfire, creating more opposition than support for the cause of bodily autonomy. This hasty alignment between controversial symbolism and a sensitive issue risks undermining the very ideals it seeks to uphold.

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