Chinese Communist Party’s Secret Backing of Climate Crisis Agenda Revealed


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Financial documents obtained by Fox News suggest that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is clandestinely backing the “climate crisis” agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the United States. Tax records reveal substantial funding from the CCP directed towards WEF “net zero” initiatives in the U.S., orchestrated through an organization known as the Energy Foundation.

The Energy Foundation, while technically based in San Francisco, conducts the majority of its operations in China. Reports from FOx News Digital indicate that the foundation, known as “Energy Foundation China,” contributed $3.8 million to U.S.-based initiatives aimed at transitioning away from coal and promoting electrification in transportation.

This revelation has sparked concerns amung experts. Tom Pyle, the president of the Institute for Energy Research, highlighted the troubling implications of these ties. He expressed worry that such environmental groups, fueled by Chinese support, are compromising national security and strengthening China’s position while reducing America’s energy independence.

Financial records show a decline in the Energy Foundation’s grant revenue but a significant increase in contributions to various initiatives worldwide. In the U.S., notable grants were directed to organizations like the Rocky Mountain Institute, the International Council on Clean Transportation, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), among others, supporting agendas aligned with reducing fossil fuel reliance and advocating for net-zero policies.

The NRDC clarified that it does not recieve funding from Chinese sources and highlighted that the Energy Foundation’s grants aimed at reducing China’s carbon footprint by promoting energy-efficient appliances and expanding access to renewable energy sources for electric vehicles.

However, critics like Tom Pyle argue that the Energy Foundation’s focus seems less about environmental concerns and more about hindering domestic energy production, potentially weakening America while bolstering China’s position.

The Energy Foundation’s ties to China are deeply rooted. Key figures within the foundation have past affiliations with Chinese governmental agencies or prominent research institutions, indicating a close relationship with the CCP.

These revelations surface amid a congressional investigation into the CCP’s growing influence on American environmental activism. Concerns over CCP-linked nonprofits and their impact on shaping American policies, particularly regarding energy and the environment, have prompted scrutiny from the House Natural Resources Committee.

Despite the U.S. being a major producer of oil and gas, China has significantly entrenched itself in green energy markets, dominating key components of electric vehicle batteries and the global solar supply chain. Chinese firms control a substantial portion of critical minerals required for green energy technologies, raising concerns about China’s influence and control over these crucial resources.

The Energy Foundation did not respond to requests for comment on these findings.

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