Challenging the Thought Police: Unraveling the Trial for Thoughtcrimes in New Normal Germany


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In the heart of New Normal Germany, a trial for thoughtcrimes is set to unfold on Tuesday, January 23rd. This one-day public spectacle, scheduled to begin at 12:00 noon in Room 371 of the Berlin District Court, promises to be a gripping examination of the alleged criminal tweeting activities of one individual who dared to challenge the status quo.

Unmasking the Thoughtcrimes

The accused, known for his provocative tweets, faces charges stemming from his mockery of the New Normal German authorities and his bold exposure of their alleged lies. The thoughtcrime tweets in question boldly assert that masks serve as ideological-conformity symbols, challenging the narrative that surrounds their use. The accused, identified as the author of The Rise of the New Normal Reich, has found himself at the center of a storm initiated by his social media posts.

The Kafkaesque Investigation

The saga began when the Hessen CyberCompetenceCenter, a branch of the Interior Ministry of the Federal State of Hesse, caught wind of these dissenting tweets. Swiftly reporting the matter to Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt), a criminal investigation was launched against the individual behind the provocative statements. Adding a layer of complexity, the Hessen CyberCompetenceCenter instructed Twitter to censor the tweets, a move that raised eyebrows on the level of collaboration between tech platforms and law enforcement.

The Global Network of Control

The unfolding drama involves an intricate web of agencies, including the Hessen CyberCompetenceCenter, a partner of the German National Cyber Defense Center (Cyber-AZ). This cyber-defense network, established in 2011, draws support from various federal agencies, including the Federal Office for the Military Shielding Service, Federal Criminal Police Office, Federal Office for Information Security, Federal Office of the Constitution Protection, Bundeswehr command Cyber Cyberand Information Space, Federal Police, and Federal Intelligence Service.

A Global Totalitarian Message

Critics argue that this legal pursuit is not an isolated incident but part of a broader trend in global ideological control. The accused contends that his case is emblematic of a global-capitalist system gradually adopting totalitarian measures. He asserts that the message from the powers that be is clear: dissent will not be tolerated, and adherence to the new normal is non-negotiable.

Beyond Borders: A Universal Issue

While this may seem like a uniquely German ordeal, parallels can be drawn to similar issues in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and beyond. Reports by journalists such as Matt Taibbi and contributors to Public shed light on what they term the “Censorship Industrial Complex”– a thought police apparatus operating beyond national borders.

The Trial and Its Potential Impact

As the accused faces the prospect of a 60-day jail sentence or a hefty fine, the trial’s outcome remains uncertain. The accused, having demanded a trial, awaits the judge’s decision. What is clear, however, is that this case is not just about one individual’s tweets; it symbolizes the clash between dissent and a global system that demands conformity.

Conclusion: A Call to Witness the Trial

For those in Berlin with a keen interest in civil liberties and the power dynamics at play, the BErlin District Court on Tuesday offers a front-row seat to witness the trial unfold. Regardless of the verdict, the proceedings are set to illuminate the challenges posed by the intersection of free speech, state authority, and the ever-evolving landscape of the new normal.

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