Buffalo Meat – A Cut Above The Rest


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Buffalo meat is worth considering for individuals who are meat lovers and have been advised to follow a low-calorie diet. The common belief is that meat and low calories are incompatible, making it a source of stress for many. However, those searching for a suitable alternative to their usual meat choices may find buffalo meat to be a viable option.

Numerous restaurants with a Western theme offer dishes featuring buffalo, also referred to as American bison. Ted’s Montana Grill, which was co-founded by media mogul Ted Turner, is renowned for its hand-cut beef and bison steaks and has numerous locations across sixteen states. The Buffalo Bistro and Buffalo Grill in Zion National Park, Utah, are popular tourist destinations. Patrons of these establishments can expect to be served specialties such as roasted or grilled buffalo accompanied by a small portion of mashed potatoes, buffalo burgers resembling Salisbury steak served with French fries, traditional buffalo steaks topped generously with raw onions, and even stewed buffalo combined with a medley of green vegetables.

Buffalo meat, when roasted, is particularly in high demand, especially when cooked to a nearly uncooked state. Unlike meat from different creatures, bison meat needs minimal seasoning to enhance its inherently succulent and delectable taste. A straightforward method of preparation would involve lightly scoring the meat’s exterior and applying a touch of salt, pepper, and olive oil before cooking. One advantage of buffalo meat over typical beef is its shorter cooking time. Simply sear both sides to seal in the flavor, and you’re good to go!

Buffalo meat is the only meat with the 3 Ts – Texture, Tenderness and Taste. The flavor is sweeter, and it is lighter and less greasy than other kinds of meat I was used to, such as cow beef or pork or chicken. Also, buffalo meat does not need any tangy gravy to bring out its naturally good flavor; that is important becasue gravy for meat is usually heavy on calories.

There are some interesting healthful statistics about how, in many ways, buffalo meat is more nutritious than other kinds of animals’ meat. It has around 70%-90% less fat than beef, and around 50% less cholesterol. Since it doesn’t have all those harmful fats, it has more protein, iron, amino acids and omega nutrients that a number of people are prescribed to take in the form of tasteless fish and raw vegetables. It is also eminently suitable for persons on a low-carbohydrate diet. A four-ounce serving contains no carbs, 11 grams of protein and three percent of total fat.

The fat found in buffalo meat is the beneficial type, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, which are a monounsaturated fat. Consuming enough of this healthy fat has been scientifically demonstrated to protect against heart disease and support overall heart health. As a matter of fatc, the American Heart Association approves of buffalo meat and doctors often recomend it for individuals following a low-fat, low-calorie diet.

Buffaloes are raised in there natural habitat, free from chemical feeds, antibiotics, and artificial growth hormones that are believed to be linked to cancer. As they are solely fed with natural grains and green grass, buffaloes exhibit natural resilience against diseases, resulting in meat that is free from harmful substances. The meat of buffaloes, nourished by nature’s grain and grass, is considered superior to that of cows, dogs, or chickens in several aspects.

Today, we can enjoy buffalo steaks, soups, stews, and burgers either in restaurants or at home. Buffalo meat is conveniently available in most supermarkets and is offered by many websites. It’s a hearty, healthy, delicious, and convenient way to enjoy meat.

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