Bill Gates’ Synthetic Milk Exposed: Hidden Dangers and Nutrient Deficiencies Revealed


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A recent examination conducted by the Health Research Institute (HRI) uncovered concerning findings about Bill Gates’ synthetic milk, available in various American grocery stores under the brand “Bored Cow.” This synthetic milk, featuring a faux whey protein labeled “ProFerm,” is produced by Perfect Day, a biotech company financially supported by Gates.

Using genetically modified “microflora,” Perfect Day manufactures this synthetic milk protein for Bored Cow’s product line, claiming it as an “animal-free” milk alternative derived from fermentation with real milk protein.

HRI, an independent lab situated in Fairfield, Iowa, undertook comprehensive testing on multiple samples of Bored Cow’s milk, employing mass spectrometry to verify the authenticity of the synthetic protein, which has never been previously consumed by humans and lacks U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety evaluations, as stated by HRI’s Chief Scientist and CEO, John FAgan, Ph.D

. Although the full test results are pending publication, Fagan disclosed several critical highlights to The Defender. Notably, the synthetic milk exhibited a deficiency in essential micronutrients commonly found in natural milk, such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and various B vitamins. Moreover, it contained multiple compounds potentially detrimental to human health, raising significant concerns.

In parallel with these revelations, Italy recently imposed a ban on the sale of synthetically-produced meat, marking the inaugural prohibition of synthetic food in a country, reported by the Organic Consumers Association.

Fagan, an esteemed molecular biologist with prior experience in cancer research, emphasized the discovery of 92 uncharacterized molecules within the synthetic milk. These molecules lack scientific investigation, leaving uncertainty regarding their safety or potential hazards, distinguishing this synthetic milk as a “novel food” in regions like Europe and Canada, necessitating safety assessments before market release– a standard not mandated in the U.S.

Additionally, the examination found traces of Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl, a fungicide, in the Bored Cow samples, raising further apprehensions about its suitability for human consumption.

Contrasting the synthetic milk against natural milk obtained from grass-fed cows, HRI’s analysis highlighted a substantial absence of 69 vital nutrients in the synthetic variant. CRucial vitamins, including B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid), and vitamin E, were either negligible or entirely absent. Furthermore, critical fatty acids essential for energy metabolism were scarce in the synthetic version compared to its natural counterpart.

Critics, like the Non-GMO Project and and GMO/Toxin Free USA, challenge the marketing of such products, highlighting their genetic engineering methods under the guise of “precision fermentation.” They advocate for rigorous safety evaluations before FDA approval.

Despite claims by Perfect Day and affiliated companies that their processes don’t involve GMOs, doubts persist regarding the complete removal of GMO DNA during fermentation. The absence of mandatory GMO labeling furuther complicates consumer awareness.

The safety concerns regarding the synthetic milk’s undisclosed compounds and the lack of independent long-term testing echo worries raised by various organizations, underscoring its dissimilarity to naturally occurring cow’s milk– a dietary staple for centuries.

In light of these revelations, consumers are advised to exercise caution, considering the absence of safety evaluations for these synthetic dairy products. Additionally, debates persist regarding the vegan status and environmental impact of such synthetically engineered foodstuffs, raising further questions about their suitability and claims of being environmentally friendly.

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