Bill Gates: Savior or Suppressor?


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In a move that has raised eyebrows and sparked debate, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is gearing up to shower the world’s poorest countries with his latest health “innovations.” At the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Gates outlined his ambitious agenda for the coming year, which includes a barrage of new vaccines targeting diseases ranging from malaria to tuberculosis (TB), HIV, and yes, even the infamous Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Great Gates INjection Extravaganza

Cameroon has already taken the plunge, launching the world’s first malaria vaccination program using Gates’ injections. However, reports suggest that these shots are about as effective as a leaky sieve, boasting a measly 13 percent success rate. But fear not, for Gates assures us that when paired with mosquito nets and malaria tablets, the effectiveness magically skyrockets to a whopping 90 percent. Or so he claims.

Smoke and Mirrors: The Gates Gambit

In truth, the shots themselves seem to be little more than decorative ornaments, with the real heavy lifting done by the nets and tablets. Studies have shown that prophylactic doses of malaria drugs alone are already 90 percent effective at preventing malaria. Yet, undeterred by such inconvenient truths, Gates plans to dispatch nearly 30 million doses of his malaria vaccine to Africa in the coming months, aiming to inject them into the arms of the most vulnerable populations.

Gates’ Grand Plan: Poisoning the Poor with AI

Gates proudly proclaims that artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in his grand scheme. Through the Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI), funded by the coffers of “rich countries” and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates is on a mission to revolutionize global health. According to him, AI will expedite the creation of new tools, vaccines, and drugs, promising an era of unparalleled innovation.

India: The Testing Ground for Gates’ Vaccine Empire

India finds itself at the epicenter of Gates’ vaccine crusade, eagerly embracing his injections by the millions. Gates applauds India’s enthusiasm, hailing it as a beacon of progress in the fight against disease. The Gates Foundation’s initiatives in India span maternal and newborn health, nutrition, family planning (read: abortion), and combating infectious diseases.

Gates’ Glaring Omissions: HPV Vaccine Controversy

However, amidst the fanfare, Gates conveniently sidesteps the controversy surrounding his HPV vaccine, currently embroiled in legal and ethical scrutiny in India’s Supreme Court. Allegations of deceptive clinical trials and ethical breaches cast a shadow over Gates’ purported altruism, exposing the darker underbelly of his vaccine empire.

In the saga of Gates’ philanthropic endeavors, questions abound: Is he truly a benevolent benefactor, or a calculating puppeteer pulling strings behind the curtain of global health? As the injection needles pierce the skin of the world’s poor, one can’t help but wonder whose interests truly lie at the heart of Gates’ crusade.

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