Biden Bankrolling Orwellian Surveillance Scheme to Scrutinize Private Chats


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Unveiling Biden’s Orwellian Project

In a jaw-dropping revelation, a whistleblower from the State Department has blown the lid off the Biden administration’s covert financing of a colossal surveillance apparatus straight out of the Soviet playbook. The objective? To meticulously monitor private conversations and messages in a quest to weed out what they deem as “misinformation” and even, brace yourselves, “banned memes.”

Exposing the Puppeteers

Mike Benz, a former cog in the State Department machinery who now champions freedom through the Foundation For Freedom Online, has brought to light the unholy alliance between the Biden administration and tech giants like Meeden and the Algorithmic TRansparency Institute. Their mission? None other than to curtail the free speech of the American populace.

The Snitch Network Unveiled

According to Benz, Uncle Sam is generously doling out millions to shady firms, effectively erecting a clandestine network of citizen informants. These self-appointed guardians of truth patrol private platforms like WhatsApp, eagerly reporting any tidbits they perceive as “misinformation” or, heaven forbid, “banned memes.” It’s like the Cold War never ended, only this time, it’s happening right under our noses.

Enter the THought Police

But wait, there’s more! Reports are flooding in about companies being commissioned to compile exhaustive databases of so-called “misinformation” lurking within encrypted messaging havens like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. How, you ask? Through the diligent efforts of our friendly neighborhood snitches, of course. It’s like a digital dystopia come to life, with AI thrown into the mix for good measure.

The Dawn of Civic Espionage

Welcome to the era of “civic listening,” a term so euphemistically crafted it could make Orwell himself do a double-take. Under the guise of safeguarding truth and democracy, the Biden administration has resurrected a page from history’s darkest chapters– where neighbors spied on neighbors, and dissent was swiftly crushed. Forget about BIg Brother; we’re staring down the barrel of an entire legion of little brothers.

A Not-So-Subtle Nod to Totalitarianism

Critics, naturally, are up in arms, drawing chilling parallels to the totalitarian regimes of yore. From Stalin’s Russia to Hitler’s Germany, the practice of citizens policing each other’s thoughts and words has always spelled doom for liberty. And now, it seems, the Land of the Free is tiptoeing down that treacherous path.

In conclusion, as the Biden administration paints a rosy picture of “civic listening” and “misinformation trends,” let’s not forget the stark reality: what we’re witnessing is nothing short of a modern-day witch hunt, cloaked in the garb of progress. It’s time to sound the alarm, lest we find ourselves trapped in a dystopian nightmare of our own making.

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