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Chris Wick

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Draining the Swamp: The Ultimate Political Fantasy

The Swamp Drainers Who Aren't Draining Anything When you're on a mission to "drain the swamp," the first step should be to avoid appointing swamp...

The Digital Dystopia: Why the Cult Wants to End Cash

A Wake-Up Call We All Needed Oh, the sweet convenience of digital transactions! The sheer ease of swiping a card or tapping a phone. But...

The Great Vaccine U-Turn: A Top Scientist’s Admission of Guilt

The Unmasking of Dr. Stanley Plotkin: A Vaccine Confession In a twist straight out of a dystopian novel, one of the world’s leading vaccinologists, Dr....

The Philippines’ mRNA Nightmare: Turbo Cancers, Falling Birth Rates, and Global Cover-Upp

Turbo cancers and plummeting birth rates in the Philippines fuel allegations of a global cover-up by Big Pharma and mainstream media, as investigations reveal alarming vaccine side effects.

Breaking News Alert: Major IT Outages Ripple Across the Globe!

It seems the digital apocalypse is upon us, and the culprit is none other than our trusty tech overlord, Microsoft. In a move that...


Frank Biden Spills the Beans: “My Brother Joe Is On His Deathbed”

The Shocking Revelation from Joe Biden's Brother Hold on to...

Digital IDs: Big Brother’s Next Fashion Trend

Ah, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has outdone themselves...
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