Are Covid-19 Vaccines Safe? Experts Sound Alarm in Malaysia


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Hold onto your face masks, folks! The Covid-19 vaccine debate just got a turbo boost in Malaysia. Buckle up as experts hit the panic button, demanding a recall of these vaccines like they’re the latest smartphone glitch. Forget your usual news drama; this one’s a nail-biter. The Malaysian PPIM’s press conference isn’t just any shindig; it’s the talk of the town, and their serving up shocking revelations hotter than a chili pepper eating contest.

The Malaysian PPIM’s recent press conference on December 28 has sparked global attention, demanding the urgent withdrawal of Covid-19 mRNA vaccines due to what they label as “alarming safety concerns.”

Addressing Safety Concerns: Expert Insights
The call for the immediate recall of these vaccines arises amidst a surge in reports highlighting adverse effects, drawing attention from both the public and medical professionals alike.

Expert Testimonies: Unveiling Critical Issues
Dr. Kenny Yong, a COVID-19 survivor and medical professional actively involved in vaccine distribution, vehemently advocated for the recall, emphasizing, “This product must undergo thorough evaluation or be withdrawn.”

Insights from Medical Professionals
Pharmafiles reports Dr. Yong’s concerns, stemming from direct patient interactions, where recurrent Covid infections post-vaccination were reported. This isn’t mere casual commentary; it’s a culmination of four years of feedback and reviews showcasing concerning side effects.

The Gravity of the Situation
Renowned toxicologist Prof. Dr. Mustapha Ali stressed the severity of the situation, highlighting the increasing death toll and the incapacitation faced by many individuals, raising questions about the political stance on these vaccines.

Questioning Vaccine Safety
The conference highlighted concerns voiced by Ustaz Noor Azman, emphasizing the surge in health complaints, disabilities, and fatalities post-vaccination mandates.

Understanding the Risks: Insights from Experts
Prof. Dr. Aziz Al-Safi delved into the dangers associated with spike proteins found in vaccines, emphasizing their ability to traverse through the body and potentially cause blockages leading to strokes, heart attacks, and affecting vital organs.

Exploring Safer Alternatives
Dr. Al-Safi also proposed safer immunity-boosting alternatives like natural substances such as vitamin C, honey, and black seed oil as potential preventive measures against Covid-19.

Concluding Remarks
In summary, the PPIM press conference highlighted the critical need for a comprehensive review of Covid-19 vaccines in Malaysia. The collective testimonies and expert insights underscore the urgency for policymakers to reassess current vaccination strategies in favor of safer alternatives, prioritizing public health and safety.

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