Why Did Viktor Orban Defy the EU to Visit Moscow?


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Hungarian PM Clearly Decided It Was Worth Offending Many of His Allies to Focus Minds on the Possibility of Peace

A Bold Move in the World of Politics

When Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban showed up in Moscow this week, it was like dropping a bombshell in the international political arena. What should have been a routine diplomatic visit turned into a sensational headline. A leader visiting a country embroiled in conflict isn’t groundbreaking in itself, but in today’s climate, it seems every move is scrutinized through a moral lens. In the eyes of the liberal international order, Orban’s visit was nothing short of scandalous. The focus, it appears, is not on resolving issues but on punishing the perceived wrongdoers.

The Mission That Shocked Many

Orban’s recent diplomatic tour, which included stops in both Kiev and Moscow, was portrayed as a peacekeeping mission tied to his role as head of the EU’s rotating presidency. However, rumors in Budapest suggest he might have bypassed the usual EU protocols and acted on his own. Regardless of whether he had the EU’s blessing, Orban seems undeterred by potential backlash from his European counterparts.

Defying Convention

Orban isn’t one to shy away from bold moves. Even without an official mandate, he ventured into what many would consider diplomatic minefields. Observing the current political landscape in Western Europe and the United States, Orban might feel there’s little risk in his actions. The turmoil in France and Britain, coupled with the struggles of Biden’s campaign, may have emboldened him.

A Calculated Risk

Despite appearances, Orban’s actions are not solely driven by self-interest. For years, he has voiced concerns about Europe’s unthinking march toward a major conflict, advocating for a more cautious approach. His main goal is to shield Hungary from becoming entangled in a dangerous crisis. This stance, though controversial to some, is rooted in a desire to protect his nation.

The Outcome of the Diplomacy

After meetings in both Kiev and Moscow, Orban acknowledged that the opposing sides remain far apart. While his trip might not have changed much, hearing directly from those involved holds its own significance.

In summary, Viktor Orban’s visit to Moscow highlights his willingness to take risks and his commitment to advocating for peace, even if it means defying his European allies.

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  1. Viktor Orban’s visit to Moscow highlights his willingness to take risks and his commitment to advocating for peace, even if it means defying his European allies.


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