NBC Claims Cancer Tumors Are ‘Caused by Racism’


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My Perspective on NBC’s Controversial Claim

NBC has recently found itself in the spotlight, but not for reasons it might prefer. The network has been heavily criticized after an episode of its hospital drama series, “New Amsterdam,” suggested that a patient’s cancerous tumor was caused by racism.

Racism: The New Medical Diagnosis

In an eyebrow-raising episode that aired back in 2020, a doctor on the show identifies a 13-year-old’s tumor as being linked to high cortisol levels, which the physician attributes to the young patient being a target of racism. The plot twist here is that stress from racism is now apparently a medical diagnosis.

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Viral Scene Sparks Debate

Infowars.com reports: One particularly viral scene has caught the attention of social media users. In it, the doctor tells the boy’s mother that he believes the boy’s tumor developed because racism made him feel “threatened” and “disenfranchised.” Just when you thought medical dramas couldn’t get any more dramatic!

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Microaggressions and Medical Malpractice

In another scene that left viewers scratching their heads, the same doctor informs the patient that he’s a victim of “microaggressions.” The good doctor goes on to explain that racism is so deeply embedded in our society that even he, a learned medical professional, fails to recognize when he perpetuates it. This, of course, aligns perfectly with the left’s insistence that “racism is everywhere.”

Foreshadowing the George Floyd Protests

This controversial episode aired just months before the tragic death of George Floyd. It almost seems as if the writers of “New Amsterdam” had a crystal ball, predicting the Black Lives Matter movement’s ensuing “summer of love” that would see US cities experience significant upheaval.

The Inevitable Demise of Woke Television

Unsurprisingly, the series couldn’t sustain itself and was canceled in 2022 due to plummeting viewership and poor ratings. It appears that audiences were not as enamored with the concept of medical racism as NBC had hoped. This serves as yet another example of the age-old adage: “go woke, go broke.”

The Real World Consequences

The attempt to inject a political narrative into a medical drama was met with backlash, leaving many questioning the network’s judgment. Is this really what viewers want from their TV shows? A diagnosis of racism alongside their weekly dose of fictional medical emergencies?

Conclusion: A Lesson Learned?

While NBC’s intentions might have been to spark a conversation about racism and its effects on health, the execution left much to be desired. Instead of fostering a meaningful dialogue, it seems to have alienated its audience and provided fodder for satire and criticism. Perhaps the real lesson here is that sometimes, a medical drama should just stick to what it knows best – medicine, not politics.

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