Kate Middleton’s Desperate Plea: ‘They’re Going To Kill Me’


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Bombshell evidence has emerged revealing Kate Middleton’s deep fear for her life late last year. Investigators, palace insiders, and those who crossed paths with the Princess of Wales have come forward to expose the truth behind her mysterious disappearance and the dark, occult traditions still influencing the elite.

Investigators Unveil Kate’s Distress

Late last year, investigators discovered that Kate Middleton was desperately seeking help from anyone who would listen. Much like her predecessor, Princess Diana, Middleton believed in late 2023 that she had outlived her usefulness to the royal family. Convinced she was doomed to meet Diana’s fate, Kate began reaching out to individuals outside the royal circle for assistance.

Kate’s Secret Messages

Kate’s every move and electronic communication were under strict surveillance by the royal household. This forced her to resort to writing handwritten notes begging for help. Two weeks before vanishing from public view, she handed a note simply saying “HELP” to British entertainer Derren Brown, who tweeted about it at the time. Unfortunately, nobody took Brown seriously, perhaps not even himself, which turned out to be a grave mistake.

Seeking Advice from Princess Diana’s Psychic

During this period of increasing anxiety, Kate sought advice from Christine Fitzgerald, Princess Diana’s psychic and close friend. In December, Fitzgerald met Middleton at a cafe on Kensington High Street. Fitzgerald described Kate as pale, drawn, and terrified, fearing for her children’s future if she could no longer protect them.

Explosive Revelation: Kate Middleton Sacrificed in Sinister Illuminati Ritual!

Chilling Handwritten Notes

Fitzgerald shared a photo of one of Kate’s handwritten notes: “The horrors that I’ve witnessed, it’s too much to bear. They want me dead – I’m no use to them anymore. HELP.” These notes reveal that Kate’s fears were well-founded and profound.

The Royal Cover-Up

The public would not tolerate another ritualistic killing in plain sight, as was the case with Diana. As Fitzgerald explained, Kate’s bloodline and personality made her an ideal candidate for royal ritual sacrifice. Initially, Kate was willing to support the elite agenda. However, as public curiosity grew about her disappearance, the royal family released a series of fake photos and videos to divert attention.

The Dark Occult Traditions

Fitzgerald explained that despite the modern façade, the elite are still guided by ancient dark occult practices, including blood sacrifice. Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were forced to wear similar blood-red dresses with large white lace collars when William and George were officially photographed as babies. These signs and symbols are crucial in the world of the elite.

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Mega-Rituals and Psychological Warfare

In the age of mass media, the elite engage in mega-rituals designed to be seen by the entire world, enhancing their magical potency through a practice known as the Revelation of the Method. This subliminal psychological warfare demoralizes the masses and strengthens the elite’s power. Christine Fitzgerald warns that Hollywood often reveals the truth through films like Rosemary’s Baby, which closely mirrors Kate’s experience with the royal family.

Hollywood’s Dark Mirror

The crimson blood-red dress with white lace worn by Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby serves as predictive programming for the elite’s blood sacrifices. The film’s director, Roman Polanski, a convicted pedophile, had his wife brutally murdered in a satanic killing spree by the Manson Family. Such events underscore the belief that there are no coincidences among the elite.

The Kubrick Connection

Stanley Kubrick’s final movie, Eyes Wide Shut, exposed the secrets of the occult elite, including their taste for blood sacrifice. Days after its release, Kubrick was found dead. He had revealed too much and could no longer be trusted to keep their secrets.

Piecing Together the Puzzle

A palace aide disclosed that Kate Middleton was placed in a medically induced coma earlier this year after routine abdominal surgery went wrong. The decision to induce the coma came not from Middleton’s family but from the royal family, as reported by Concha Calleja, a royal reporter with sources inside the palace. Despite the royal family’s furious denials, Calleja stands by her story, confident in her source.


As more pieces of the puzzle come together, the dark reality of Kate Middleton’s life within the royal family becomes increasingly apparent. Her desperate pleas for help and the chilling evidence of her fears paint a stark picture of the dangers lurking behind the royal facade. The truth about Kate Middleton’s plight is emerging, and the world is beginning to see the dark traditions that continue to influence the elite.

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