Dr. Fauci and Associates Accused of Illegally Deleting Emails to Dodge FOIA Requests


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New Evidence Reveals Cover-Up Efforts by Fauci and Colleagues

Dr. Anthony Fauci finds himself under intense scrutiny following the emergence of new evidence indicating he and his colleagues engaged in activities to destroy evidence and evade Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Could the truth about their actions finally be surfacing?

Recently released emails from Dr. David Morens, a longtime colleague of Fauci, hint at a significant conspiracy to cover up Fauci’s involvement in the risky gain-of-function research believed to be linked to the COVID-19 outbreak. These emails also implicate Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, whose organization oversaw bat coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was recently cut off from federal funding.

The Revealed Emails and Their Implications

A total of 150 emails, unveiled by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, show Morens actively working to hide evidence of the trio’s involvement in the pandemic’s origins. Many of these emails were exchanged between Morens and Daszak, providing clear proof of deliberate attempts to avoid accountability.

Several strategies were employed to cover their tracks, such as deleting sensitive emails, deliberately misspelling key terms to escape FOIA searches, and using private email accounts for official business. Morens boasted in one email about his success in evading detection, writing: “I learned from our NIH FOIA lady here how to make emails disappear after I am FOIA but before the search starts, so I think we’re all safe. Plus, I deleted most of those earlier emails after sending them to Gmail.”

Efforts to Conceal and Evade Detection

Morens appeared to be deeply concerned about being exposed. He emphasized this in a subsequent email to Daszak, stating: “I ask you both that NOTHING gets sent to me except to my gmail [sic],”

He also suggested methods to prevent Fauci from being implicated, indicating Fauci’s awareness of the cover-up: “There is no worry about FOIAs. I can either send stuff to Tony on his private Gmail or hand it to him at work or at his house. He is too smart to let colleagues send him stuff that could cause trouble.”

Additionally, Morens provided Daszak with instructions on avoiding detection when sharing confidential NIH information: “Please feel free to share any docs that I’ve sent to you with Tony. Hopefully, you can do that in a way that avoids FOIA, and if not possible, just show him stuff on screen share on Zoom.”

Admissions and Denials Under Oath

Before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Morens attempted to downplay his comments about a “secret back channel” and “kickbacks,” claiming they were merely jokes. He described the kickback mention as “typical black humor.”

Despite emails indicating that Gmail was used specifically to evade FOIA requests, Morens maintained his innocence, stating: “I didn’t do anything that I thought was official business. I understand now that there is some discrepancy between what I thought and what y’all may think about what’s official business.”


These revelations raise serious questions about the conduct of Dr. Fauci and his associates. The deliberate efforts to destroy evidence and evade transparency underscore the need for accountability and further investigation. The actions described in these emails suggest a significant breach of public trust and underscore the importance of transparency in public health leadership.

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