Blair’s Bold Move: Urging Starmer to Embrace Digital ID Cards and Sidestep Wokeism


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Sir Tony Blair has made headlines once again, and this time, he’s dishing out some unsolicited advice to Sir Keir Starmer, the newly-minted Prime Minister. Just a day after Starmer settled into Downing Street, Blair swooped in with his recommendations, stirring the political pot with his call for digital identity cards and a cautious approach to wokeism.

Tony Blair’s Push for Digital Identity Cards

Blair’s previous attempt to introduce ID cards during his tenure was thwarted by the coalition government that followed. Yet, he remains undeterred. In a recent Sunday Times piece, he argued that embracing digital technology is the “only game-changer” for effective border control.

Blair’s words were clear: “We need a plan to control immigration. If we don’t have rules, we get prejudices.” He emphasized the importance of knowing exactly who has the right to be in the country, proposing digital ID as the solution. “With technology, we should move as the world is moving to digital ID. If not, new border controls will have to be highly effective.”

Starmer’s Historic Victory and the Underlying Challenges

While Blair congratulated Starmer on a historic electoral victory, he was quick to caution that the win wasn’t solely due to Labour’s appeal. According to Blair, many voters were more interested in punishing the Tories than rewarding Labour. He highlighted that Reform UK made significant inroads into the Conservative base, presenting a challenge for Labour as well.

Blair pinpointed cultural issues as the crux of this challenge, warning the government to avoid any vulnerability on wokeism. In his view, these cultural dynamics play a pivotal role in shaping voter sentiment and political strategy.

The Potential Impact of Digital ID Cards

Digital ID cards have been a contentious topic in UK politics. Proponents, like Blair, argue that they offer a streamlined, tech-savvy solution to border control and immigration management. Critics, however, raise concerns about privacy, data security, and the potential for government overreach.

Blair’s argument rests on the premise that technology can address these concerns and that digital IDs are a natural progression in a world increasingly reliant on digital solutions. By embracing this technology, Blair believes the UK can implement more effective border controls without the pitfalls of traditional methods.

Avoiding the Wokeism Trap

Blair’s advice to steer clear of wokeism reflects a broader debate within political circles. Wokeism, a term often used pejoratively, refers to a heightened awareness of social justice issues, particularly those related to race, gender, and identity. Critics argue that an overemphasis on these issues can alienate certain voter demographics and distract from more pressing political concerns.

Blair’s cautionary note suggests that he views wokeism as a potential Achilles’ heel for the Labour government. By focusing on broader, unifying issues, he believes Starmer can consolidate support and avoid the pitfalls that have ensnared other political leaders.

A Broader Context: Blair’s Legacy and Influence

Tony Blair’s intervention is a reminder of his enduring influence in British politics. As a former Prime Minister who led the country through significant changes, his opinions carry weight. However, they also invite scrutiny and debate.

Blair’s tenure was marked by both successes and controversies, from his role in the Northern Ireland peace process to the divisive Iraq War. His advocacy for digital ID cards is consistent with his broader vision of a modern, tech-forward government. However, it also rekindles debates about civil liberties and government surveillance that were prominent during his time in office.

The Road Ahead for Starmer

As Keir Starmer navigates his new role, Blair’s advice offers both a roadmap and a cautionary tale. Embracing digital technology and steering clear of cultural flashpoints could help him maintain momentum and broaden his appeal. However, he must also balance these strategies with the core values and concerns of his voter base.

Blair’s call for digital ID cards and a strategic approach to wokeism underscores the complexities of modern governance. It highlights the need for a nuanced, tech-savvy approach to immigration and border control, while also acknowledging the cultural dynamics that shape political landscapes.

Conclusion: Blair’s Timely Advice

In the end, Blair’s intervention is a testament to his enduring role as a political strategist and influencer. Whether Starmer heeds his advice remains to be seen, but the discussion it sparks is vital. Digital identity cards and the politics of wokeism are just two of the many challenges that will define Starmer’s time in office. How he navigates these issues will shape not only his legacy but the future of British politics.

By focusing on technology and cultural strategy, Blair aims to equip Starmer with the tools needed for effective leadership in a rapidly changing world. As the political landscape evolves, these insights could prove invaluable in helping the new Prime Minister chart a course for success.

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