A Nanny State Idiocracy: Too Many Laws, Too Little Freedom


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The Burden of Overregulation

Imagine a society where every aspect of life is regulated. That’s our reality. Too many laws, too many cops, and far too little freedom. Whether you call it a kleptocracy, a kakistocracy, or a Nanny State Idiocracy, it boils down to an overbearing government that believes it knows best.

Government representatives, both elected and appointed, have adopted an authoritarian stance. They think they must control, regulate, and dictate almost every part of our lives. The result? Overregulation and overcriminalization that have reached absurd limits. Now, individuals must get permission to grow exotic orchids, host dinner parties, or even let their kids run a lemonade stand.

The Rise of Bureaucratic Overreach

The Regulatory Transparency Project reveals some staggering statistics: there are over 70 federal regulatory agencies employing hundreds of thousands of people. Each year, they issue about 3,500 new rules, resulting in a regulatory code that is over 168,000 pages long. This bureaucratic nightmare turns everyday activities into legal minefields.

Consider the bizarre laws highlighted by Mike Chase on his CrimeADay Twitter feed. It’s illegal to make unreasonable noise near a horse in a national park, leave Michigan with a drone-hunted turkey, or refill a liquor bottle with different liquor. These laws, often unknown to the average citizen, render us all potential criminals.

The Impact of Overcriminalization

Boston lawyer Harvey Silvergate estimates that the average American unknowingly commits three felonies a day due to vague laws and zealous prosecutors. This overabundance of laws means almost every action could be illegal. Law enforcement officials then selectively enforce these laws, often deciding which ones matter based on convenience or bias.

The problem extends to the job sector. Seventy years ago, only one in 20 jobs required a state license. Today, nearly one in four occupations requires licensing. Makeup artists, residential painters, and even funeral attendants in some states need licenses to work. It’s easier to become an emergency medical technician or firefighter than to style hair in Washington.

The Consequences of a Police State

Overregulation and overcriminalization give the police state immense power. In New Jersey, teenagers were arrested, and their bikes were seized for minor traffic violations and not registering their bikes. Such incidents highlight the absurdity and danger of excessive laws.

Extreme cases abound. A fisherman faced 20 years in jail for throwing back undersized fish. A 90-year-old man was arrested for feeding the homeless without providing portable toilets. States have criminalized sitting, sleeping, or sharing food in public spaces to disperse homeless populations.

Petty Tyrannies and Serious Consequences

In Florida, you can be jailed for eating a frog used in a frog-jumping contest or for singing in public while wearing a swimsuit. Such laws enable government misconduct and intimidate decent people who never had criminal intentions.

America, once a beacon of freedom, now feels like a locked-down nation. We face countless tyrannies from a powerful elite of governmental and corporate officials. We bear the brunt of their arrogance, pay the price for their greed, and suffer from their militarism and incompetence.

The Illusion of Safety and Security

We’ve traded our freedoms for the illusion of safety and security. National emergencies like terrorism, natural disasters, and pandemics have been used to justify lockdowns, militarized police, and mass surveillance. Despite these measures, we’re no safer or healthier.

Our desire for tough-on-crime policies has led to a nation with the highest incarceration rate globally. Many inmates serve time for minor, nonviolent offenses, fueling a profit-driven private prison industry.

Militarization and Profit-Driven Policing

Law enforcement agencies now have military-grade equipment, conducting over 80,000 SWAT team raids annually. These raids often result in unnecessary loss of life and property. Profit-driven schemes like asset forfeiture allow police to seize property from suspected criminals, further expanding government power.

Red light cameras, touted as road safety measures, primarily serve to fill government coffers. Unsuspecting drivers get ticketed, often leading to increased financial burdens rather than safer roads.

Deception and the Erosion of Trust

The American people have been deceived into believing that the government and its bureaucrats have our best interests at heart. Instead, we’ve been duped into accepting a system that restricts our freedoms while enriching the powerful.

In conclusion, we find ourselves in a society where too many laws and regulations strip away our freedoms. We must recognize this overreach and demand a return to common sense and liberty. Only then can we hope to reclaim the freedoms that have been systematically eroded by an overzealous government.

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